Back row: Shaina Aguirre, Kanoa King, Logan Ince, Alfonso Alfonso, Kenzo Sturm. Front row: Kaitlin Barrailler, Julia Beumer, Natalie Hahn, Nathan Merrill, Alex Amick (Photo provided by Oak Harbor Public Schools)

Back row: Shaina Aguirre, Kanoa King, Logan Ince, Alfonso Alfonso, Kenzo Sturm. Front row: Kaitlin Barrailler, Julia Beumer, Natalie Hahn, Nathan Merrill, Alex Amick (Photo provided by Oak Harbor Public Schools)

Top 10 Wildcat grads prepare for rest of their lives

Today marks a significant milestone for Oak Harbor High School students who have completed their K-12 careers and a beginning of many more significant milestones to come. Some students shone on the court, in the art studio, behind an instrument or out in the community. The 10 students who finished with the highest GPAs stood out, not just in the classroom, but in many of these areas.

Now, they are readying themselves for college, mission trips or ROTC training as they look ahead.

Alexander Amick, 4.0

Alex Amick will attend Western Washington University to study both music performance and chemistry, because he believes “communal growth begins by inculcating art and science.”

He was a National Honor Society member, solo pianist, volunteer at the intermediate school and at an elementary school and Big Brother for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Island County.

Amick advises his younger peers to “triple down on your weaknesses and strengths. Don’t cower from challenges.”

Julia Beumer, 4.0

Julia Beumer hopes to make positive changes in government after attending Columbia University in New York and studying either classics or political science.

She participated in the robotics team, National Honor Society, liberty club and drama club during her time at Oak Harbor High. Through all her involvement, she said her favorite memories stem from time spent bonding with her friends, “especially at robotics competitions or choir events.”

Her advice to future and current students: “do your work, even if you don’t want to. Also, I would recommend making sure your handwriting is legible.”

Natalie Hahn, 4.0

Natalie Hahn is headed to the University of Washington to study engineering.

“Seeing parts and pieces move together and understanding how things work has always fascinated me,” she said.

Her inspiration to pursue the field came in part from her time in the robotics club, which is why she recommends future students find a club or activity that interests them.

Her fondest memories involve her favorite teachers: tie-dying shirts in AP chemistry, getting shocked with a Van de Graaff generator in AP Physics and learning CAD, build and design with Che Edoga in robotics.

Logan Ince, 4.0

Logan Ince will also travel south to Seattle to attend the UW. He plans to study computer science because of the field’s potential to “rapidly improve the lives of everyone around the world.”

Ince also was a member of the robotics team, and his favorite high school memory was when the club delivered the micro home it built to Ryan’s House for Youth. He also was involved in Hearts and Hammers, liberty club and National Honor Society.

To succeed in and out of the class room, he advises full committing to whatever you do.

“And keep in mind that what sticks with you longest, is what you’ve done to help others,” he said.

Konoa King, 4.0

Konoa King is going to University of California Los Angeles on an Army ROTC scholarship.

He intends to major in biology on the pre-med track.

“I want to go to medical school because I want to help people who need medical attention the way doctors took care of my mother when she had breast cancer 11 years ago,” King said.

King maintained a full schedule by participating in soccer, basketball, key club, class cabinets, link crew, National Honor Society, student 2 student club and multiple teams within NJROTC.

His mentorship of his younger classmates produced some of his favorite high school memories.

To his peers, he recommends taking advantage of the many opportunities OHHS has to offer and “work hard in whatever you are passionate in.”

Kenzo Sturm, 3.986

Kenzo Sturm intends to study business at UW this coming fall.

He participated in drumline and marching band and his favorite memories were of the football games.

“Every single one was full of energy, sound and excitement, and those feelings could never be topped,” he said.

Sturm advises future students to push themselves, whether they like it or not.

“The battle has only started,” he said.

Alfonso Alfonso, 3.971

Alfonso Alfonso plans to pursue his dream job after studying engineering at University of California San Diego.

Alfonso was am honor society member and part of the robotics club. His favorite memory from high school was competing in Houston at the robotics worlds competition.

He best advice is to “do your work. You don’t have to be some genius or intellectual to give something a good try. Just do your best. There’s no repercussions for it.”

Kaitlin Barrailler, 3.969

Kaitlin Barrailler will attend Western Washington University. Barrailler hasn’t decided what she’s going to study but knows she’d like to be helping others.

She was heavily involved in band, such as Wildcat Show Band, and drama club.

“Performing on our Oak Harbor stage will always hold a very special place in my heart,” she said.

She wants to remind her younger peers it’s perfectly acceptable not to have it all figured out.

“It’s okay to be a little lost,” Barrailler said. “Do your absolute best and people will appreciate your dedication and passion, not just the results.”

Nathan Merrill, 3.949

Nathan Merrill hopes to go on the “World Race Gap Year” to serve on a nine-month mission trip. Eventually, he wants to study civil engineering to help improve infrastructure around the world.

Merrill also was an honor society member and involved in student 2 student, fellowship of Christian athletes, link crew and played tennis and soccer.

His last soccer game with the Wildcats stands out in his memories from OHHS because he scored in the last three minutes of overtime to break the 30-game losing streak.

His advice to younger students is practical: “Brush your teeth and put on deodorant.” He also recommends keeping a positive attitude and to “put on a smile.”

Shaina Aguirre, 3.948

Shaina Aguirre plans to study forensic science at Seattle University in hopes of becoming a cardiologist.

Her mother is a nurse and her family has a history of heart complications, which inspired her career choice.

“I aim to understand more about their illnesses and help others with them,” Aguirre said.

Her best memories are her hardest moments throughout high school.

“I cherish every struggle and uphill battle that has led me to accomplish so much in life,” she said.

She was a member of the honor society, key club, festival club, legacy club and teams within NJROTC.

She wants future and current students not to let others decide their path for them.

“You are in charge of your future and utilize their labels as a challenge to prove that they are wrong.”

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