Langley city crews get to root of issue

Public works staff with the city of Langley investigated tree root locations this week as part of the city’s project dedicated to improving utility lines.

Using a method referred to as “potholing,” workers cut small holes in the pavement and removed dirt to expose roots.

Although it was slated to last March 3-5, the work was finished by noon on Thursday.

Utilities Supervisor Randi Perry said a community goal is minimizing the impact to Langley’s highly valued trees.

Perry said the crew is looking at alternate construction methods when working around the trees.

Rather than digging an open trench, a technique called “air spading” can be used and involves opening a trench very slowly to preserve the roots.

Phase 2A of the Langley Infrastructure Project, referred to as the LIP, entails preliminary level design that will support cost estimate updates, permit applications and the final decision on the project’s scope moving forward.

Phase 2B will involve the permitting process. After that, following the bidding process, construction will begin.

Perry said public works staff is anticipating that there will be three phases of the LIP. Phase 3 may not begin until 2022.