The top 10 Coupeville High School seniors are, (back row, from left) Harris Sinclair, Nikolai Lyngra, Josh Robinson, Teo Keilwitz, Veronica Crownover, Jakobi Baumann, Jaschon Baumann, Dane Lucero and (front row, left) Peytin Vondrak and Sarah Wright. Photo provided

The top 10 Coupeville High School seniors are, (back row, from left) Harris Sinclair, Nikolai Lyngra, Josh Robinson, Teo Keilwitz, Veronica Crownover, Jakobi Baumann, Jaschon Baumann, Dane Lucero and (front row, left) Peytin Vondrak and Sarah Wright. Photo provided

Coupeville top 10 seniors reflect on high school, look to future

They’ve turned their tassels, thrown their caps and likely put their gowns in a closet where they’ll stay for the next several years. The Coupeville High School seniors have graduated, all of them successful in their own way.

The 10 students who finished with the highest GPAs are now readying themselves for traveling, college, missions and apprenticeships. And now that they’ve conquered high school, they’ve got some advice for those still there or who are just entering secondary education.

Nikolai Lyngra

Nikolai Lyngra will be heading to Norway to study music for a year at Toneheim Folk High School. He plans to transfer to a university the following year to add science to his music studies.

Lyngra played in jazz band and was part of the National Honor Society. He particularly enjoyed band and going to festivals.

To his younger classmates, he recommends “working hard and stick with it. You can achieve anything that way.”

Sarah Wright

Sarah Wright intends to turn her interest in policy into a career after studying politics at Sewanee: the University of the South in Tennessee. There she’ll also continue her softball career.

“One of my best memories was making it to state with the softball team, and even winning a game,” Wright said.

She stayed active in volleyball, soccer and basketball at various times throughout high school. Wright also served as exec board president, was in the National Honor Society and participated in Leos, which are the high school Lions Club members.

She recommends keeping a full schedule of sports and clubs to help make friends.

Dane Lucero

Dane Lucero will travel east of the mountains to attend Washington State University, where he plans on studying business finance.

He kept moving all year long, participating in football, baseball and basketball. Participating in sports produced some of his favorite high school memories, he said.

“I will always remember bus rides and big games with my teammates,” he said.

Lucero also joined many of his top 10 classmates in the National Honor Society. He advises his younger high school peers “to always put in the work that others aren’t willing to put in and see the big picture rather than the short-term.”

Teo Keilwitz

Teo Keilwitz, another National Honor Society member, will attend college at Seattle Pacific University. He wants to become a nurse so he “can help people.”

Keilwitz played soccer and football as well as volunteered with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Island County. His favorite memory from high school was going to state in science Olympiad.

His simple but practice advice for future students: “do your homework, even if it’s late.”

Jaschon Baumann

Jaschon Baumann has loved computer science ever since his freshman year and plans to major in the subject at the University of Washington next year.

Baumann dabbled in everything from sports — including tennis, track and soccer — to band, science Olympiad and drama. The theatrical productions made up his fondest high school memories.

He stressed the importance of high school in students’ future and advises students to “choose to do it right.”

Harris Sinclair

Harris Sinclair will also study computer science, attending DigiPen Institute of Technology in Redmond, Wash. He chose this field to “make money.”

Sinclair was a tennis athlete and science Olympiad participate. But, his favorite part of attending Coupeville High School was “learning stuff.”

He advice to new students: “keep your head down.”

Peytin Vondrak

Peytin Vondrak is going to WSU in hopes of becoming a nurse, because she loves working with people.

She was in the honor society, served as senior class president and as president of the schools’ Future Farmers of America.

Her favorite memories are of football games and she suggests new students be themselves and “be proud.”

Veronica Crownover

Veronica Crownover is also traveling to Pullman to attend Wazzu and plans to study wildlife conservation and ecology. She hopes to eventually become a vet specializing in exotic animals.

Crownover played on the varsity softball team all four years and her favorite memory was traveling to state her senior season. She was a member of the National Honor Society.

To future students, she said, “take advantage of every opportunity. Make the best of every situation.”

Jakobi Baumann

Following graduation, Jakobi Baumann will serve in a two-year mission in Puebla, Mexico. After his mission, he plans to study geology and music at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.

He fondly remembers participating in all-state honor band “and being around some of the best high school musicians in the state.” He said he participated in as many extracurriculars as his schedule allowed.

Baumann recommends “be the best you.”

Joshua Robinson

Joshua Robinson has an apprenticeship lined up to learn to become an electrician.

His favorite memories from CHS involve spending time with his friends. He played soccer and football and participated in science Olympiad.

He advises his younger peers to pave their own way.

“The best advice I can give a future student is that nobody else can decide what you want in life,” he said. “You need to decide what career you want, whether college is right for you and who you want to be.”