Letter: We can find a better candidate for president


In response to Nancy Mayer’s Sept. 9 letter, “Biden is trustworthy presidential candidate,” I have to wonder by what standard Ms. Mayer is using to judge Biden a trustworthy presidential candidate. His approval rating is around 38%, he is being investigated along with son Hunter for corrupt dealings with foreign governments, he lies repeatedly about non-existent past activities and has problems with coherent sentences.

His accomplishments are many, including allowing illegals to flood the country by the millions, jeopardizing our security and safety. He owns inflation with the highest gasoline prices and interest rates, food prices highest in decades and his administration attacks our freedom of choice by warring on cars, stoves, air conditioners, furnaces, ceiling fans and more.

He is constantly working on forcing the populace into electric vehicles they cannot afford and most don’t want, by curtailing fossil fuel drilling and exploration that harms those everyday people that need vehicles to go about their daily lives. Much of our country-wide food and consumer goods distribution is done with fossil fuel powered vehicles.

Biden had nothing to do with the lower unemployment rate as businesses reopened after COVID. Having 41.2 million people on food stamps isn’t something to brag about. Fentanyl and drug use is on the rise because of Biden’s wide-open border policy that allows anybody and everybody and drugs to cross and he refuses to close the border.

Blue cities such as New York are not faring well under the illegal migrant onslaught but instead of complaining to Biden to close the border, they want federal assistance. Their schools are being overwhelmed by migrant children to the detriment of citizen children. Biden has poured millions of taxpayer money into climate change initiatives that may or may not yield a 1.5 degree (F) or less global temperature change by year 2100 and, exactly where on Earth is temperature so stable that that tiny amount can accurately be measured?

Biden has spent 63 of 128 weekends in Delaware, another 27 weekends at Camp David and just 27 in Washington D.C. He has spent nearly four in 10 days of his presidency on vacation. He usually has a short workday and appears to be semi-retired. He did little to nothing campaigning, hid in his basement, and mass mail balloting, ballot harvesting and little to no signature verification got him the presidency as an alternative to Trump. There are plenty of candidates who want the job and ready to work every day to take care of the people’s business. When searching for a new president we certainly can do far, far better than who now occupies that office.

Ed Hickey

Oak Harbor