Letter: Trump is preferable to Biden


It is nice to see the Nancy Mayers (Sept. 9 letter to the editor) of this state can drink the fruitade of progressive ideology. To say that Joe Biden is an upstanding example of an honest trustworthy person is laughable. From day one of his administration, he has betrayed his oath of office, destroyed businesses, endangered our troops, sold out our country to China, made us energy dependent on despots and enriched drug cartels. That’s the example Democrats find preferable to Donald Trump.

It is true that President Trump was a bit of a blowhard, spoke his mind and tweeted too much, but so far, has been guilty of nothing. Somehow, the left believes an indictment is the same as guilt. But only if it indicts a Republican. The old saying is “you can indict a ham sandwich” doesn’t make it guilty. What is concerning is the “throw everything against a wall and see if something sticks” legal persecution of a candidate favored by half the electorate.

Meanwhile any hint of corruption by Mr. Biden is ignored, slow walked or called Russian disinformation by the Justice Department, mainstream press or the deep state. The response to not wanting Trump to become president again is to go to the poll and vote, not drum up phony charges, to be adjudicated in biased courtrooms.

If Ms. Mayer’s would like an education in how a corrupt administration operates she can read the Wall Street Journal’s opinion page on Joe Biden’s sterling character. But I think that is wishful thinking on my part.

Fred Wilferth