Letter: Those who are unvaccinated put the rest of us at risk


I am writing this to express my gratitude to everyone who has been vaccinated, especially those workers who are in close proximity with the public, like wait staff, haircutters, cashiers, and the like. In my opinion getting vaccinated is an act of kindness, self-preservation, and consideration of others, especially those closest to us.

Not long ago I found out that the lady who cut my hair was not vaccinated and did not intend to. I called three other salons before I found someone who had been vaccinated. Currently, it appears that the national percentage of people who have had at least one vaccination is around 65%. At the same time, even local hospitals are being overwhelmed by COVID patients, literally all of whom are unvaccinated. This has created a situation where people needing emergency room services are likely unable to get them.

It is now clear that the unvaccinated are putting the rest of the population at serious risk, not only of contracting COVID, but also of being unable to obtain emergency medical services in times of serious need. If you are in an accident, have a heart attack, or have another condition that requires you to go to an emergency room, you could very well be turned away due to those services being saturated with COVID patients. Please, if you have not been vaccinated yet, do the right thing and get the shots.

Clayton Canfield