Letter: Stand up to advertising that aims to smear Homola’s name

Letter to the Editor


I recently received a negative and scary-looking mailer from a non-district organization addressed to “Our Neighbors.” It falsely represents information about Angela Homola.

Angie is a whistle blower, an individual who stands up and speaks out about wrongdoing when she sees it. Angie is a problem solver and exactly the kind of individual I want to have representing me in Olympia.

Whistle blowers are protected by law, yet often pay both a personal and political price for speaking up.

Democracy requires and encourages us to raise our voices in support of the truth. By casting your vote for Angie, someone who is not afraid of speaking out for justice, we can defeat outside interests that seek to subvert the will of the people while they retain their power over political decision making.

Whidbey Islanders should stand up against negative advertising that uses half-truths to smear the good names and reputations of honest and qualified candidates.

Eileen Soskin


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