Letter: So many suffer from Trump Derangment Syndrome


The “pro-impeachment rally draws crowds,” piece in the Dec. 21 Whidbey News-Times and the letter to the editor, “Trump is a danger to our democracy” on the Opinion page, makes me wonder how many others in our community are afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome, or TDS.

I would bet that not one of these people have suffered personally from anything President Trump has done and have gathered what bias they base their hatred of Trump on, and promoting impeachment, has come from the heavily biased left media that have twisted, exaggerated and manufactured “facts”and anything and everything negative about our duly-elected president.

None of his many accomplishments appear in any media they see, so these citizens are without honest information, and just parrot what that media says.

What has happened in our U.S. House of Representatives is an overt, attempted, partisan coup to remove Trump to prevent possibility of reelection and now supported by those at that rally, and the letter writer. There are no facts or evidence to back up impeachment justification, just feelings, dislike, and a manufactured hatred because their candidate didn’t win in 2016.

They were crying impeachment even before Trump was sworn into office or had done anything as president. Trump is no more amoral than Bill Clinton or JFK. Lying and exaggerating are all hallmarks of every politician. Remember, “If you like your doctor, your medical plan, you can keep it, and families will save $2,500 annually”?

The letter by Anne Wickstrand is full of the exact same left-biased propaganda nonsense spouted by the media. I saw no honesty, reason or sanity in the impeachment hearings conducted by the House Intelligence Committee and House Judiciary Committee, but lots of secrecy and no facts.

Our president is not a danger to democracy. There is no evidence of it. He is trying to preserve it, not allow it to be changed to the socialism the left desires. He deals with foreign heads of state routinely as all presidents have done and is trying to look after our economy, our safety and security in spite of Democrat opposition to his every move.

Our president does not attack our Constitution and Bill of Rights as some elected officials do, does not ignore our laws but tries to enforce them as he is charged by the Constitution, again with major opposition.

Citizens supporting the impeachment ouster of our president will set a precedent if it happens.

When a political party does not like an elected president, they will use the impeachment weapon to oust him instead of the ballot box. Impeachment of a president is serious business and should never have been allowed to become the partisan political weapon that is now being used by the majority House members and, it violates our Constitution.

An uninformed voter is a most clear and present danger to our country.

Ed Hickey

Oak Harbor

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