Letter: Right-wing letter writer is a mole for the left wing


I have come to really enjoy Mr. Fred Wilferth’s letters. At first, I assumed he represented the radical right, but now I realize he’s actually Deep State Antifa pretending to be Right-Wing, just to make them look bad.

In his Nov. 4 letter, “questions need asking” he says, “I know I’m whistling in the wind.” Not quite Fred; actually you’re blowin’ smoke …. And you haven’t “touched a nerve”; technically, it’s a funny bone.

Anarchist Fred wants us to answer questions, like “have you stopped beating your wife?” But, before I answer, I want him to know who I am: I was born in this country and like most of us, I attended public schools. I went to a poor-quality inner-city high school, but still graduated college with honors. I have worked all of my adult life, and I was respected by my bosses and co-workers. I pay taxes, vote, try to obey the laws and I even have a driver’s license!

In other words, I’m like most Americans. It’s just that sometimes I have differing political opinions which are neither entirely correct nor wrong – in the same way us Dems are not all evil and radical.

Regarding Antifa Fred’s question about the ex-POTUS: I thank Trump for giving us his most beautiful vaccines, and for reminding us that if everyone takes his Trump vaccine, COVID will end. Too bad Trump negated all that by trying to steal an election and by planning and encouraging the violent Jan. 6 assault on our nation’s capital. Even incumbent Ted Cruz (R-TX) called these people “terrorists.”

About incumbents, I too question the disinformation and un-American activities of incumbents like Cruz, McConnell and Rand Paul. And I welcome newcomers like Rep. Madison Cawthorn who exposed the Old Goat Republican cocaine-sex cabal that reaches from Washington D.C. all the way to here on Whidbey.

As to “defunding the police,” I’ve never supported it, just as I do not support violence from any side of the political spectrum. I do want accountability from those who protect and serve us – as I expect from anyone who serves the public and is working towards the greater good.

Fred Wilferth – Fake Alt-Right Guy – you’re one of us. We salute you.

David Freed