Letter: Prosecutor’s opinion piece was inappropriate for Thanksgiving


We as taxpaying citizens of Island County vehemently disagree with the Nov. 23 “Sound Off” written by Island County Prosecutor Greg Banks at “the invitation of the editor” to supposedly celebrate the meaning of Thanksgiving.

That op-ed piece submitted by Greg Banks, an elected official of Island County and an attorney who is supposed to be a neutral representative of the citizenry, which was printed by both subscription newspapers on Whidbey Island, was a cheap shot.

Banks’ political agenda, negativity and caustic sarcasm had absolutely no place in what was to have been a list of things to be thankful for at Thanksgiving. Shame on him.

Shame on the Island County commissioners if they do not discipline him.

And … shame on the voters of Island County if he remains Island County’s prosecuting attorney, and if he decides to run again and is re-elected.

Wayne and Lynn Flaaten


Editor’s note: The prosecutor is a voter-elected position independent of the commissioners.