Letter: Price Johnson, not Muzzall, the true supporter of small farms

Letter to the Editor.


It’s bizarre to see the proliferation of Ron Muzzall signs across the 10th Legislative District with their image of two hands nursing a young seedling to life.

This conjures a spirit of stewardship and renewal, a seemingly perfect fit for our island ecology which holds so much beauty yet remains vulnerable to the ongoing threats of development, pollution and climate change.

Unfortunately, a quick scrub of Muzzall’s record and the green washes right off.

Washington Conservation Voters gave him a score of zero, tied for last place of all 50 state senators. He voted against updating the state’s emission standards in accordance with current health and climate science, against the reusable bags act, against limiting the aerial application of poisons in our forests, against testing our communities’ drinking water for PFAS contamination and so on.

He even voted against the Sustainable Farms Bill that was championed by small farms state wide, only changing his vote when it became apparent the bill would pass.

While it seems a bit perplexing that Muzzall, the owner of a small farm business in Oak Harbor, would try to thwart the adoption of regenerative agriculture practices, the contradiction comes into focus when you look at some of his biggest campaign contributors — Chevron and Monsanto.

While his signage may say “local” and “homegrown,” his loyalties clearly lie with big ag and big oil, the greatest threat to topsoil, small farms and local food systems in the U.S.

Farmers are on the front lines of the climate-related events unfolding today, such as rampant fires and flooding, and the proliferation of exotic pests and disease.

Farmland is disappearing at alarming rates under the forces of development and consolidation.

We need leadership in Olympia that understands what policies will support farmers.

Helen Price Johnson has repeatedly reached out to us local farmers to learn what issues matter. She understands the connections between a healthy local food system and a healthy community.

Price Johnson’s campaign is supported by small farmers, teachers, nurses and average citizens, not destructive multinational corporations.

We farmers want to build a healthy food system for the communities we love while caring for our fragile environment. Please vote for Helen, the candidate that will have our backs.

Nathaniel Talbot


On behalf of Deep Harvest Farm, Foxtail Farm, Glendale Shepherd, Kettle’s Edge Farm, Skyroot Farm and

Sweetwater Farm

Whidbey Island