Letter: Port commissioner should explain decision


You might recall that in an Oct. 13 Whidbey News Times article, District 3 Port of Coupeville Commissioner John Callahan said in an interview “that he has decided to cede the race to his opponent, Angela Ewert, to focus on his health. Though his name will still appear on the ballot this November, he asked voters to cast their ballots for (Angela) Ewert.” He also said: “I wish it were different, I would have loved to continue.”

Well, now he wants to continue.

During the Nov. 21 Port of Coupeville regular meeting, Commissioner David Day mentioned that Commissioner Callahan had won the election. Callahan said: “I think you’re right, and so I’ve rethought that. The voters have spoken so I will get sworn in.” Rethought what, Commissioner Callahan?

You made a public statement ceding the race to your opponent and gave “focusing on your health” as the reason. I won’t speculate on why you changed your mind, but I would like you to tell us why. It raises a concern for me about taking your word at face value. You voted for the port to buy the airport, you insisted that the Port of Coupeville create an ethics policy, and now you’ve reversed your very public decision to concede.

Mike Diamanti