Letter: More transparency needed on housing project


Your recent articles referring to the proposed Coles Valley PUD, raise a few interesting questions. First off, why would a nonprofit organization pay $1.6 million for a property with an appraised value of $380,000? Home on Whidbey states on their website that they will only purchase land at non-market rates.

The proposed PUD is for a mix of affordable and market rate homes. Would that still be the case once Home on Whidbey owns this property? Again, their website states they will only own permanently affordable housing. The website further specifies the source of these permanently affordable houses is by rehabbing donated homes, or building on donated land.

Finally, what expertise does Home on Whidbey have at managing affordable housing? While the names of the board of advisors is listed on the website, there is no background on any of them. I know Ross Chapin lives on Whidbey and is an architect. I am not aware of the others listed and what relative expertise they bring to Home on Whidbey.

I hope that everyone who can attend their meeting on July 25 at 5:30 p.m. at the Soundview center in Langley does so. I sincerely hope that we can get answers to these questions at that time. This project is too large and too impactful for our community to enter into it on blind faith.

David Stenberg