Island Transit makes catching the ferry convenient

Gayle regularly commutes using the Washington State Ferry System and learned that Island Transit buses can make that commute even more convenient. She uses the bus to travel from her car to the Clinton Ferry Terminal and back.

Working on the mainland, she conveniently parks her vehicle at the local park-and-ride lot and descends the steep bluff via stairs to reach the Clinton Ferry. Upon her return from work, after a long 10-hour day, she appreciates the sight of the waiting bus as she prepares to disembark from the boat. In just five minutes, the bus takes her on a comfortable ride to her car, sparing her the arduous uphill struggle and the climb up the long staircase. This has been her commuting routine for the past 10 years.

Recalling her early days of commuting to the mainland, Gayle initially intended to walk to the ferry from the park and ride. However, seeing a gathering of people at the bus stop, she hopped on a bus and grabbed a schedule, sealing her decision.

Gayle speaks highly of the helpful and amiable drivers she encountered along the way. Dana was her personal favorite, while Mark and Tino also provided excellent service. In fact, she captured a delightful moment when Tino, sporting a Christmas hat and shorts, posed for a photo at the ferry dock while Gayle, bundled up in a down parka, stood beside him.

Offering advice to new riders, Gayle suggests engaging in conversation with the drivers while boarding, as they are eager to assist passengers in reaching their destinations. “Talk to the drivers as you board the bus. Let them know where you want to go, and they’ll help you get there.”

Aside from daily commutes, Gayle has relied on the bus for medical appointments and other errands. On one occasion, a bus driver picked her up in Bayview and took her all the way to Oak Harbor, enabling her to retrieve her car from the auto shop. They engaged in pleasant conversation throughout the journey.

Gayle appreciates the cleanliness of Island Transit buses along with the friendly atmosphere among fellow riders. Additionally, she highlights the beauty of the countryside during the island rides, emphasizing the added benefit of it being a free service.

Riding on the island, “the countryside is gorgeous, and the ride is free!”

After many years of commuting, Gayle began to search for a new job on Whidbey Island. During job interviews, when she mentions her preference for taking the bus, potential employers offer encouragement and assure her of schedule flexibility to accommodate her bus commute. As a bonus, she wouldn’t have to squeeze one more car into their company parking lot.

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