Letter: Library events best part of visit to Whidbey Island


I recently visited Whidbey Island from my native Pennsylvania to visit my daughter and three grandchildren. I have never been to Washington before and didn’t think there would be more than dreary rain. This was ignorance on my part. I have never met such warm and wonderful folks in a place I’ve never been before.

I stopped by the shops on Pioneer Way, which had such lovely murals and art I was blown away. The park by the water with the pirate ship was as neat as can be. Riverside Cafe had some of the best food I’ve had in ages.

I am biased, but I have to say the best part of the trip was taking my grandchildren to the library events. I was able to see three different story times and the young girls that performed them were so charming. I was a preschool teacher and church group leader for 37 years in the Northeast, and I like to think I know my way around kids.

These young women were so kind and welcoming to all of the children and knew their stuff. Chelsea, Natasha and Rianna, you girls made my day.

The grandkids sang songs and rhymes all the way home even teaching them to their mama when she got back from work.

I’m so happy that libraries are still bringing in young folks and working so hard to encourage readers. I know it must be difficult at times to compete with video games and TV, but boy you know your stuff.

I’m still bragging about what a wonderful education my grandkids are getting on the island, and I hope you folks will be around to see them through.

SaraJean Milner


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