Letter: In response to letter, writer was misrepresented, vilified


If Ms. Deseck-Piazzon was shocked, then I’m aghast and outraged — not really!

I’m more amused by the transparency of your forum to promote dissension, controversy and liberal agenda, as attested by the bi-weekly liberal jabs in your cartoons, hyping of pet liberal issues, like labeling her letter as shocked, as if this were a revelation of patent falsehoods.

But to the point, Ms Deseck-Piazzon makes many errors in putting words in my mouth that were never said.

First off, I never said guns didn’t kill people. I never said video games and poor parenting did kill people.

I never mentioned white supremacy, but while we’re here, check the facts on crimes and shootings.

Have you heard of MS-13 “Mara Salvatrucha?”

I never defended the NRA except to say that a previous letter to the editor claimed the NRA was the exclusive reason for school shootings. I said, “not so,” and, in fact, my last sentence concluded with the statement that it was a more complex problem, and that I didn’t have the answers.

As for easy access to guns, I never said it wasn’t a problem.

Parents who don’t know or don’t care what their kids listen to, watch or associate with are part of the problem. I would summarize my statement as having said: Where do kids get the ideas to plan and do these things?

You nicely skirted that while vilifying me with words you put in my mouth.

Byron Dieckman

Oak Harbor