Letter: Immigration is costly for taxpayers


I am trying to figure out how some say the people coming in illegally (migrants) are not costing us any money.

They are getting there health care paid for through a VA financial services fund. They receive free phones, get flown without ID or paying for the flights, at many airports there is a sign in blue that states “or non-citizens without a passport,” no ID and they can fly free.

Don’t we need a ID to fly? do we get a free phone? Is the VA paying your health care? Minus military of course.

A recent meeting in Mexico by Secratary of State Blinken and others, and they talked about amnesty not fentanyl or anything else.

The drug cartels are now coming armed onto our side of the border.

The border is in chaos over 8 million have crossed, thousands a day. That’s the population of our state and some others by population. But the White House and other officials are telling us the border is “secure.”

It’s not a coincidence that so many are coming when they find out that they can just arrive and get hand outs.

Jim Ester

Oak Harbor