Letter: Hospital’s delayed billing adds to money problems


I’m reading your Saturday edition about WhidbeyHealth hospital running out of money.

It just so happens I received my statement sheets from my AARP/UnitedHealthCare Medicare Supplement on Saturday. After reading about how the hospital didn’t have money to pay its bills, I can see why.

I had an emergency room visit at the WhidbeyHealth Medical Center on Feb. 6, 2021 which cost $11,073.54. They sent it through for processing with my insurance on Jan. 2, 2022. There is also a CT scan they performed on Feb. 6, 2021 that wasn’t sent for payment until Nov. 26, 2021.

Why do they wait so long to get paid??

Doesn’t the hospital get paid back by federal government or state for all vaccines administered? And all the people that were put in the hospital with the COVID and use of respirators?

Ed Dubuque