Letter: Hospital provided wonderful expertise


A long overdue letter is submitted to say thank you to the caring, professional team of Whidbey Home Health nurses and staff.

I was privileged to have them in my home for healing care, and I couldn’t have felt more appreciative of their skill, professional manner and personal caring about how I was doing each time. They came – up to three times a week for a while, concerned whether a wound would heal or not. With their persistence and good care, it finally did.

Shortly after discharge from that health issue, I was admitted to WhidbeyHealth Medical Center with pneumonia complications. WhidbeyHealth provided another positive experience with good nursing care.

After discharge, the Whidbey Home Health team again took on the challenge to rebuild my health. Once more I received wonderful care and expertise. These dedicated professionals are to be celebrated. They offer so much for homebound patients and I want to share my thank you to them with our community, and I cannot thank them enough. Thank you, Whidbey Home Health.

Claire Rich