Letter: Hoffmire is the most genuine candidate


Sadly, many candidates and elected officials have a public persona that differs quite significantly from their day-to-day interactions with their neighbors, co-workers, etc. This is not the case with Shane Hoffmire, which is why he is the one truly genuine candidate for mayor of Oak Harbor.

Whether you have been a resident of our city for 30 years or 30 days, Shane is always approachable and available. He always listens and deeply cares for others. This includes the young and old alike. He genuinely respects others, including those that may be different from him.

Shane somehow has a way to relate to each of them in a very caring and genuine way. His love for people is easy to see and to feel. He will go to the end standing alongside and for others, consistently doing what is right and what is fair. That is what separates Shane Hoffmire from his peers and makes him the clear choice of mayor of Oak Harbor.

Albert Ondo

Oak Harbor