Letter: Help military members by boarding pets


May I suggest a meaningful way for people to support our service members?

Many members of the Armed Services have pets. Most have a place for them while they are fulfilling service commitments. But some do not. This is where a national non-profit comes in.

Dogs On Deployment is an organization that connects service members with orders with volunteers willing to board their pets while they are gone.

This is at no cost to the military person (except for food, medications or any veterinarian bills). The connection is done through the dogsondeployment.org website. Volunteers create a profile, outlining their requirements; what type of pet they will accept (dog, cat, bird, etc.); how long they are willing to board the pet and a number of other factors. The boarder determines these requirements. Military members list their pets on the website and boarders can see what pets are in need in their area (done by entering a zip code.) Contact is done through the web site chat feature.

With the Everett Naval Base and NAS Whidbey Island in the area, there are often pets looking for a temporary place while their owners serve their country. It’s a rewarding experience and an actual way to support our troops. Currently there are a number of dogs in the local area needing temporary homes.

Ron Kerrigan