Letter: Hazelo will get county back on right track


I have known Tim Hazelo for over 20 years. I have served on active duty and in the Naval Reserves with Tim. Tim was a flight engineer/combat aircrewman on board the P-3 Orion. I know this because I have been on many flights with Tim and have worked directly with him.

Tim is a man of action with proven leadership. He is a retired Navy E-6 who has also spent time as a government contractor boots on ground in Afghanistan. He has the DD-214 to prove his merit as do I. Anyone stating he has stolen valor is committing slander and written libel.

Tim is a person of the highest integrity, with proven experience. He believes the county should be responsible in how they spend our hard-earned dollars. The focus of the commissioners should be in supporting projects or programs that create tangible, measurable results. We must continue to clean up our county and Tim knows how to do it.

Tim has lived in Island County for over 20 years and is a straightforward, practical and sensible person. Tim is the kind of guy I want representing me, not just a smooth talker who will bow to the pressures of the other commissioners. Tim Hazelo will be our lead in the fight to take our county back. Tim will listen to the citizens and make decisions based on their requests. I urge you all to vote for a leader with heart and the ability proven experience and get our county back on track in the right direction.

Ted J Mansikka

Oak Harbor