Letter: Gun laws have little effect on violence


Sen. Jesse Salomon, D-Shoreline, recently said: “We have continued school shootings that we have to do something about. We’ve made measurable progress in addressing it with gun safety regulations.”

The misguided 10 cartridge magazine limit or the latest assault weapon law would not have impacted positively recent shootings, but both laws clearly impact law abiding citizens.

Most of the shootings in Washington, as far as I can find on the internet, were a young person shooting someone else. Probably because they did not like them. Given that the AR-15 has a shell slightly bigger than the .22 shells, the new laws drive the potential shooters to more deadly weapons.

Sen. Keith Wagoner, seems to have common sense and said “it’s not the implement” but how it’s used. “We’ve been killing people since Cain and Abel,” he said. “Firearms are an easy target but they don’t have anything to do with getting at the root of the problem.”

I am fully aware that communist doctrine says take people’s guns and religion away first to obtain total control. Given all the abused control during COVID, most of my friends and I are concerned over the real motive in Olympia.

Olympia improperly solving a problem that is not significant in Washington with laws that will have no impact on illegal use of guns is concerning. No Washington law will solve problems in Tennessee, per the same article stated was part of the justification. Tennessee is a completely different world than Washington. They are the only state I found whose 2023 legislation is opening up even more the right to carry without a permit.

Again, these uneducated laws will have no impact on shootings in Washington or Tennessee. The only impact will be on law abiding citizens. The bad guys don’t follow the law as evident by them killing people.

Terry L Sparks

Oak Harbor