Letter: Decline of print journalism hurts cats the most


With the decline of print journalism, we have seen the near total collapse of community-based reporting. Without this community service, local politicians and industry will go unchecked: their views ambiguous, their actions unknown and their conduct without scrutiny.

But I ask, who are the real victims in this decline of commercial public service? The citizens. Of course. The journalism community. For sure. But there is one other victim.

There once was a day where nearly every breakfast table had a cat sitting on a newspaper. Often in the toaster-oven position. Its little paws tucked under itself, while it sits calmly on the sports pages.

If we lose this, we will have lost our collective soul.

This is why city governments should use taxpayer money to fund the local press, but keep ownership separate and not have any public servant participate in an advisory position.

Marvin Slices