Letter: DAV needs drivers to take vets to Seattle VA hospital


Having just concluded our annual Disabled American Veterans Forget Me Not drive this past Veterans Day, we once again can call it a success. This could not have been accomplished without the heartfelt donations from the Whidbey Island area.

I would like to thank the base commander, Walmart, the Country Store, Ace Hardware and Safeway for allowing us to set up in their stores. My gratitude goes out to the volunteers who tirelessly passed out those little Blue Flowers.

The funds gathered will help support our van and ensure our service officers can maintain the high standards we use in assisting all veterans.

At this moment though, we are in dire need of drivers to go to Seattle VA hospital and any help would truly be appreciated. Please call 360-682-2945 for any details if you can help.

I, as always, am both pleased and proud with the support this community gives to all veterans and veteran organizations.

C “Muggs” Monahan


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