Letter: County GOP strategy is a failed fantasy


According to the Island County Republican Party, they are under assault from the Dems and socialists, and also from traitors within. ICRP Chairman Tim Hazelo, says (we need to) “stop shooting ourselves from within” and “the Republican party in general has a big problem with themselves.”

Their problem, of course, are the RINOs and the Never-Trumpers, who “continuously disrupt and disparage. Yet never bring anything pliable or positive to the group.”

Hazelo and friends wonder what should be done with these disrupters: exorcise them from the party, dump the top party leaders, get rid of the “pretend Republicans”?

Donald Trump is mentioned often, because he’s the guy who the RINOs and Never Trumpers are disloyal to.

As usual, they have no real solutions for the make-believe “problem” of people thinking for themselves and not always agreeing with Hazelo or Trump.

What does Chairman Tim propose to do: take away the Never-Trumpers’ GOP membership, or deny them access to his rural clubhouse?

They also want to apply “Tim’s logic” when (and if) they toss out the RINOs and Never Trumpers, they will have even fewer people in the Real Donald Trump Party, and this will help them win elections.

Does anyone besides the Island County Republicans see anything wrong with this fantasy?

David Freed