Bigger issues than Banks

It appears you overlooked the fact the election was over Nov. 7, but you continue to print biased articles about Greg Banks who was reelected because the voters didn’t accept your previous biased campaigning and the crybaby attitudes of his detractors.

Whether they like it or not he is the boss and he cannot properly run the office with those individuals who wish to try to undermine him. Yes, they will be fired and should be.

Why don’t you go after issues which affect most voters, like the overwhelming property appraisals by an assessor who didn’t give a damn because he was retiring and couldn’t be voted out? Or the fiasco of the Oak Harbor and Coupeville school districts who allowed buildings to deteriorate without proper maintenance and updating, so as to cost taxpayers huge increases in property taxes to replace these facilities.

If homeowners followed this same practice, there wouldn’t be any houses more than 25 to 30 years old.

William Gallagher