Old Man, Young Muscle Reviews: Legit STX Method or Cheap Program?

Strength Training can enhance your flexibility, boost your strength, and reduce your risk of falling or developing an injury when working out.

Resistance or muscle training involves using one or multiple muscle groups to complete a specific task, e.g., squatting or lifting. Today, mounting evidence supports the benefits of strength training, proving why you should include it in your routine.

In our review below, we will take you through the many benefits it offers, including tips on building an impressive physique at any age with a few workouts each week. These tips come to you as a part of the Old Man, Young Muscle workout guide.

What Is the Old Man, Young Muscle Workout Guide?

The Old Man, Young Muscle Guide is a publication by the Former Chief Editor of Iron Magazine. For the uninformed, this is a bodybuilding magazine that has been around since 1936, and men worldwide rely on it for their weight training needs.

In this guide, the former editor shares tips on how you can build muscle mass using the STX method, no matter your age. From what we have gathered, this method is the key to developing a jacked-up physique without abusing steroids.

Its creator calls it the Progressive Muscle-Fiber Loading technique, which relies on performing different workouts for the other muscles in the body. Here, the workout techniques it advances help you to load muscle fibers, allowing your muscles to grow progressively.

Besides the STX method, other crucial components used in getting you jacked up without drug use include stretch loading and speed tests. The latter requires you to perform exercises at a fast rate, while the former involves using light weights during workout sessions.

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Introduction to Efficient Mass Building

Health-conscious weight lifters always look for new ways to build muscles without abusing steroids. This has led to the development of new and innovative ways to pack on muscle while retaining control over the substances that find their way into your body.

According to the Old Man, Young Muscle creator, the discoveries in the strength training industry have led to significant steps in the efficiency of mass-building efforts. With these discoveries, the world has done away with some previously held myths about strength training.

Those who have followed these happenings closely have noticed spectacular results, with some going ahead to become jacked in their sixties. The program creator falls into this group, as witnessed in his guide.

He claims to have built a jacked-up body from the comfort of his home while using bare-bones home gym equipment. In the workout guide, he describes the equipment at his disposal as including:

  • A doorway chinning bar
  • An adjustable bench
  • A 50-pound specially selected dumbbell set

With this, it’s possible to attain significant muscle growth, leading to a jacked-up body via what its creator calls an efficient and time-saving mass-building technique. The technique works well for anyone who wants to build a leaner physique, as his much younger neighbor witnessed.

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The COVID Pandemic and the Program Creator’s Muscle-Building Dilemma

The COVID pandemic led to the worldwide closure of gyms and local fitness centers as the public sought to social distance in a bid to remain healthy and safe. For the fitness enthusiasts, the only option left was to find a way to workout from home with whatever equipment they could get their hands on.

Luckily for the subject of this guide, he happened to have a sparse home gym fitted with a workout bench and moderate-weight dumbbells. As a serious fitness enthusiast, the lack of equipment meant he had no sure way to go about muscle building.

To compound the problem even further, his interest in working out and building muscle had already been warned even before the pandemic hit. His main issue was the lack of visible results despite spending hours at his commercial gym trying to work out.

As the effects of the pandemic began to hit, he soon found himself missing his daily workout targets due to a lack of access to a viable gym. But rather than lose all hope, he decided to take the mass gym closures as a challenge and instead focused on working using the equipment he already had at home.

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Reacquaintance with an Old Friend and the Road to Getting Jacked

The desire to develop a lean physique despite his advanced years was reignited when he reestablished communication with Doug Brignole, a former Mr. America. Doug and our subject had met years ago when he was working at Iron Man Magazine.

After becoming reacquainted, he learned how to use the equipment to create a workout plan to suit his objective. Through hard work and consistency, our subject was able to develop a workout plan that could survive his muscle-building dilemma and enable him to achieve the physique he craved.

His story today is an important reminder that with creativity and determination, we can all attain our fitness goals, even when the world around us seems to be in disarray. He hopes that the challenges he endured in getting to where he is can motivate him not to lose hope.

Pricing and Where to Buy

The Old Man, Young Muscle Guide is available on the official website for only $19.00. Considering this is a digital product, you’ll get immediate access once your payment gets approved.

Once you get started with this guide, you’ll receive access to the following:

  • Information on how to build muscle while sleeping
  • The five ultimate exercise factors for building mass
  • Mr. America Mass moves: Doug’s application on how to work out effectively
  • The three critical hypertrophic triggers for fiber growth backed by scientific evidence
  • The Anabolic Smoothie recipe for speeding muscle growth and health
  • Supplements that work for muscle building without the need for steroids
  • Every purchase comes with a free bonus of the Muscle-On, Belly-Gone “Diet.”

The creator of the Old Man, Young Muscle Guide, promises this guide will provide tangible results or your money back. Just fill out a contact form on the official website or call the following number:

  • 1 (800) 390-6035

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