Best Online Therapy Programs 2024

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Psychotherapy has never been more accessible, thanks to the new online therapy services available worldwide. These revolutionary platforms offer great help to kids, teens, and adults looking for psychological assistance.

Over the last few years, demand for online therapy has increased significantly because these services are available over the phone, using chat, and even via video conferencing.

Fun fact: up to 70% of people prefer online therapy to traditional, in-office treatment because of its affordability and efficiency!

Online therapy platforms are abundant, bringing something new to the table. To narrow down the best online therapy programs, we surveyed users, got in touch with various online therapy companies, and even sent them comprehensive questionnaires to better understand their working styles.

The Best Online Therapy Programs in 2024

All online therapy websites claim to be easy to navigate and a perfect match for your needs, but only a few of them prove to be helpful. Some even prioritize quantity over quality, so you must be careful.

After a lengthy discussion, we present you a list of the best-ranked online therapy programs according to our team of experts:

  • BetterHelp
  • ReGain
  • Talk Space
  • Calmerry
  • Brightside
  • MyWellbeing
  • OnlineTherapy
  • Faithful Counseling
  • Health Sapiens
  • Pride Counseling
  • Teen Counseling
  • Cerebral
  • Self Therapy Journey STJ
  • MDLive
  • 7Cups
  • Doctor On Demand
  • Neuro-Balance Therapy – Bonus Online Therapy Program


BetterHelp offers excellent online therapy services as it provides clients a range of communication alternatives for talking to a professional and highly experienced therapist. Clients can choose between audio and video calls, live chat, and messaging.

While you can pick the most comfortable and the most convenient option for you, BetterHelp will always connect you with your perfect-match therapist instead of letting you choose independently.

Even though BetterHelp offers treatments for teens, couples, and individuals like most other platforms, it stands out because it provides the most comprehensive array of experienced and licensed psychotherapists.

BetterHelp’s therapists have rich direct experience helping people navigate depression, grief, trauma, relationships, anxiety, and other problems – making this the perfect online therapy platform.


ReGain is an online therapy service that focuses on couples therapy. The company is recognizable for offering competitive subscription plans and a modern website with a rich library of valuable sources.

Once you take a quick assessment test with your other half, you can begin your ReGain journey. Following this step, the platform will connect you with the ideal therapist for you.

ReGain prides itself on offering the broadest panel of accredited, experienced, licensed therapists who can help you with unique problems. Whether you choose to get in touch with a therapist via video, phone or messaging, you will enjoy the services ReGain provides.

Talk Space

The powerful Talk Space platform was established in 2012 and has become an online therapy industry pioneer. The company has expanded significantly through the years, and today it offers teen therapy, couple therapy, and medication management.

Analogous to the Better Help platform, Talk Space offers different communication varieties for connecting with your therapists, such as messaging, live chat, and video and audio calls. The best thing is that Talk Space works with healthcare providers, which makes their services more affordable.

With Talk Space, you can begin your therapy immediately, as the process is quite simple. First, you take a quick, one-minute online assessment test, and then you get in touch with a therapist that caters to your needs.

According to a Talk Space scientific study, eight weeks were enough for clients to experience a radical change after using the program. Their improvement was better and faster than a traditional in-office therapy program. So if you opt for Talk Space, prepare to become the best version of yourself very soon.


Calmerry exists to help individuals struggling with anxiety. So, if you’re feeling impatient, obsessive, worried, or tense, it might be time to talk to a professional therapist about it.

Calmerry’s anxiety treatments start at $42 weekly after providing treatment with certified counselors. The best thing is to get a counselor that perfectly meets your needs, an evidence-based method for dealing with your problem, and a price that matches your budget.

If you dream of getting professional help online to deal with anxiety without costing you an arm and a leg, Calmerry is just your platform. Begin your Calmerry story by completing the short survey. Select a plan you prefer and pay in full as your next step. You will get the best-matching expert for you in less than 24 hours.

Thanks to licensed and highly professional Calmerry therapists, you will improve your self-awareness, reframe your thinking, develop realistic life goals, and discover more manageable ways to reach them.

Brightside Health

The Brightside Health program is one of the most renowned online therapy platforms offering therapy plans unique for every patient.

Brightside claims that all the therapy services their company offers online are clinically approved and super effective. A staggering 85% of the clients at Brightside feel better and have significant improvement within three months.

All the counselors on the Brightside platform are licensed and available in all US states. Moreover, every single therapist goes through a full background check.

Another advantage that comes with Brightside is its highly-functional mobile app. The app successfully tracks your progress on Brightside. To be more precise, it’s a modern symptom detector that is science-based and can help you be in complete control of your life by implementing a unique algorithm that you can’t see on other similar online therapy services.


MyWellbeing is a fantastic online therapy service that helps you get in touch with coaches or therapists specializing in many different areas. It does this by suggesting three matches that may be a good fit.

However, to get paired with the most suitable therapist, you must answer a few questions first. MyWellbeing then schedules free phone consultations with one or more of the recommended counselors so you can do a compatibility assessment. As soon as you find your number-one coach or therapist, you can begin individual sessions or invite a partner to join you.

According to MyWellbeing, the platform provides a vast array of therapists who are the best and help with anxiety-related disorders, everyday stress, chronic illness, and much more. If you are looking for proficient therapy from a highly renowned online therapy service, MyWellbeing might be the perfect place for you.


OnlineTherapy allows you to connect with a top-qualified online expert within a few seconds. Created in 2009, OnlineTherapy has helped many people feel better and live more fulfilling lives. Today, the platform provides professional therapy, live sessions, worksheets, yoga, activity plans, and other custom-made options.

Using OnlineTherapy, you will get direct help on all smart devices whenever and wherever you want. Moreover, you can always go back to the official OnlineTherapy website to check your progress. OnlineTherapy welcomes you with a quick survey and then offers help to rid you of your troubles.

Faithful Counseling

Faithful Counseling extends a helping hand to individuals looking for their ideal online therapist. If you need to find your perfect-matching therapist, go to the official Faithful Counseling website and take the short quiz.

As its name suggests, the Faithful Counseling platform was created for Christians. So, if you need mental health treatment and want to hear advice from the viewpoint of a Christian therapist, Faithful Counseling is the ideal platform for you.

Thanks to Faithful Counseling, you can get in touch with your online therapist anytime. In addition to the video-call meetings, you can schedule a session via text messaging whenever your therapist is available online.

The popular Faithful Counseling will let you participate in faith-based therapy without spending a fortune, typical for in-person treatments.

Health Sapiens

Health Sapiens offers 24/7 medical assistance globally. With Health Sapiens, you will get a diagnosis within a few minutes.

While some similar online therapy services here concentrate mainly on your mental health, the revolutionary Health Sapiens emphasizes your overall health. To be more precise, this is a telemedicine service that ensures direct access to specialists through your mobile phone.

Spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars and time in urgent care will become history. Health Sapiens provides trendy subscription-based plans that allow you to enjoy all the perks of face-to-face care but without the inconvenience of commuting.

Pride Counseling

Pride Counseling offers professional online therapy specifically to the LGBTQ+ community. You can access the platform through an Android or iOS app. As soon as users find themselves at Pride Counseling, they will be matched with a certified therapist specializing in primary areas of the struggle of LGBTQ+ individuals.

The best part is that you can text a Pride Counseling counselor when you feel ready to open up, and they will plan sessions that fit your lifestyle.

By providing great online therapy specially designed for the local LGBTQ+ community, the popular Pride Counseling simplifies things for anyone who needs to get help from a professional therapist. This online therapy service accepts individuals from every orientation, gender, and identity.

Teen Counseling

Teen Counseling is an absolute beast in the online therapy sector. It offers roughly 11,000 certified therapists who are highly experienced in helping teens deal with emotional peaks and valleys.

To use the Teen Counseling platform, teens must sign up first. Once they register, they can receive professional online therapy via text messaging, video, and phone. All the therapists boast years of experience and are the types of individuals you can rely on.

Therapists that Teen Counseling works with targeting various problem areas focusing on teenage stress, like relationships, bullying, depression, trauma, and anxiety, among others. Teenagers get the same experience as in-office therapy but at a lower cost.


Cerebral offers a professional helping hand for your mental health. If you want aid in dealing with your ADHD, insomnia, depression, and anxiety, check out the Cerebral platform.

What makes this platform different from its competition is that you have a chance to get care counseling, virtual physician visits, and prescriptions delivered to your front door. And all this for only $30 upon the first month!

So, as soon as you sign in to the official Cerebral website, get a subscription plan and improve your mental health in no time. The subscription plan by Cerebral includes medication management, regular assessments, ongoing phone and video sessions with your matching prescriber, and medication delivery.

Self Therapy Journey (STJ)

Self Therapy Journey, or STJ, claims to be a natural navigator for the human mind by offering an online service that can help you deal with your psychological problems and improve your wellbeing and self-confidence.

STJ specializes in providing support for people with psychological issues like depression, eating problems, inner-critic problems, anger, shyness, and procrastination.

It also helps with emotional wounds such as guilt, abandonment, and shame. Finally, it allows patients to combat capacity problems like assertiveness, self-esteem, work confidence, social confidence, and intimacy.

Whether you are facing some issues or you feel trapped in life, STJ is here to offer you an excellent online therapy service. The STJ site looks old-fashioned, but its revolutionary benefits show significant results. To start using STJ, you need to take a quiz.


MDLive works with licensed online therapists and certified doctors to provide immediate, stress-free mental health care.

Thanks to the MDLive platform, you will efficiently deal with your anxiety, stress, and other health concerns through an easy three-step process. It includes creating a new account, scheduling an appointment with an online therapist or doctor, and relishing the new and improved you!

We honestly admire MDLive as there aren’t any hidden costs. MDLive works with specialists that can assist you during a medical emergency (available for a sum of up to $82) and social health therapy (that can cost you up to $284).

Based on the insurance type, you may also speak with an experienced dermatologist using MDLive for a price up to $95. The mobile application is another great benefit of MDLive since it helps you get in touch with an expert 24/7.


7Cups is proud of its team of listeners and counselors who offer free mental health support. While most of its rival online therapy services listed above require payments, the prominent 7Cups is 100% cost-free.

You can talk to volunteer listeners for free 24/7 and then attend online therapy sessions with professionals. In addition, 7Cups also lets you purchase premium services. For $150 a month, you will get private online counseling from certified therapists.

With more than 300,000 qualified listeners and about 200 professional therapists, 7Cups has already helped 25+ million clients. Whether you’re searching for paid subscriptions or free online therapy, 7Cups offers the best of both worlds.

Doctor On Demand

Doctor On Demand offers therapists and doctors ready to support you, help you deal with your issues, and feel better 24/7. This platform provides an instant connection with a licensed online therapist or doctor within a few minutes.

While other similar online therapy platforms are available only during business hours, Doctor On Demand provides help any time you need, including holidays, weekends, and midnight.

Doctor On Demand offers total computer-generated care. In addition, Doctor On Demand covers care for over 98 million American citizens via their boss or health plan. It’s simple to register and even easier to use.

Neuro-Balance Therapy

Neuro-Balance Therapy differs from the other therapy programs listed here. It requires a one-time payment. Once you’ve completed the payment, you gain access to eBooks and videos that you can use from the comfort of your home.

With age, you may start losing your body balance. Still, instead of accepting it as an inevitable part of aging, you can follow the Neuro-Balance Therapy program to bring back your balance independently. You can do this without spending a fortune on professional in-office treatment!

Interestingly, there is a spike ball that comes with Neuro-Balance Therapy. You can put the spike ball under your foot to help you revive your body and your ability to walk around while feeling stable and robust.

Neuro-Balance Therapy is available for $47 to $77, but that depends on your package.

The Way We Ranked Top-Efficiency Online Therapy Programs

Knowing that online therapy services are different and offer several levels of efficiency and quality, we used various factors to isolate the best from the bunch.

Here are the factors we used to rank the online therapy programs:

Accredited, Licensed, Certified Therapists

Top online therapy platforms always offer accredited, board-certified, licensed therapists who provide great professional therapy online. At the best online therapy programs, you can get help from highly skilled therapists, including Ph.D. licensed professional counselors (LPCs), licensed medical social workers (LMSW/LMSW), and licensed family or marriage therapists (LMFT).

Matching with Therapist Based on an Issue

When you have a problem with anxiety, you probably need to speak to a professional online therapist whose specialty is helping clients deal with their stress. The common thing for all prominent online therapy services is that they all employ hundreds or thousands of qualified therapists that are good in several areas to make it easier for you to find the ideal therapist that fits your unique issues.

Matching with Therapist According to Demographics

Most online therapy services connect you with counselors based on demographics (age, race, and gender). A considerable percentage of people looking for online therapy progress better when the therapist they connect with is the same or even of the opposite gender. Excellent online therapy services have various methods to pair you with the perfect counselor.


Many websites offer online therapy that is difficult to use, and some of them have confusing or complex sign-up processes. So, we checked the general ease of use when we made our classification.

Various Communication Ways

Truly professional online therapy programs offer many communication methods to make the process easier and meet your personal needs and way of living. A vast number of individuals prefer talking to a professional therapist directly face to face, via video chat, for example. However, some people want to interact with their therapist via email, over a smartphone, or through text messaging.

Stress-Free Scheduling

Top online therapy websites work around your schedule. They make the healing process as hassle-free as possible and let you schedule a meeting with your coach or therapist when it’s most convenient for you.

Customers Reviews

We performed thorough research to analyze and test tons of online therapy programs. We carefully read customer reviews to get an accurate picture of how patients feel about online therapy programs.

Even though making everybody happy is an impossible mission, the best online therapy programs have hundreds, and sometimes even thousands, of positive reviews from their clients.

Online Sheet and Other Similar Materials

In some cases, you don’t have to communicate directly with your therapist, but you may use all the digital worksheets and other materials that the platform provides. The most popular online therapy services offer these materials to clients to enrich their online therapy base.

Satisfaction or Money Back Guarantee

The best online therapy programs come with satisfaction or a money-back guarantee. If you are displeased with the online therapy you got, you can request a refund. We liked online therapy programs that stood behind their services with a guarantee.

Fee and Value

Although online therapies are less expensive than traditional in-person treatments, they aren’t free. Generally, most online therapy services are available for a sum from $50 to $200 a week, including one session every week.

Most online therapy services have monthly tariffs and other paid services. Besides the fact that we prefer online therapy platforms that offer good quality for their set price, we didn’t favor a particular price starting point.

However, you should get premium services when paying for a premium therapy platform. It goes without saying that if you choose a cheaper online therapy, you shouldn’t expect a premium quality treatment.

How the Most-Efficient Online Therapy Works

Each of the online therapy platforms works differently. However, we’ll walk you through a simple step-by-step guide that is the standard at most therapy services.

Generally, first, you sign up at the official online therapy platform. After that, you can talk with your preferred therapist via video, phone chat, live chat, and email.

Here’s how online therapy works:

  • First, you register online and choose a teen, couple, or individual session;
  • Next, you get matched with an accredited or licensed therapist;
  • After that, you contact your therapist via video chat, live chat, email, or phone;
  • Finally, you pay a weekly or monthly rate ($50-$200 per therapy).

You have the option to cancel your subscription plan whenever you want. You can also switch your therapist with another one on the same platform or even pause your weekly or monthly subscription.

According to your issues and other similar factors, online therapy programs connect you with an experienced therapist. While some platforms focus on matching you with a professional therapist based on your demographic data, other websites focus on matching you with a therapist that fits your emotional health concern.

Based on patients’ needs, online therapy services offer therapy only to individuals, and online therapy programs provide therapy for children, teenagers, or couples.

General online therapy services can help people deal with anxiety and depression, among other mental health issues, regarding a patient condition.

There are also specialized therapy platforms for individuals with particular religious backgrounds or for people who are members of the LGBTQ+ community.

When Can Online Therapy Help?

You can find therapists with different specializations and backgrounds at any listed online therapy program. Whether you’re looking for treatment for depression, anger management, anxiety, eating disorders, or addiction, you can always find a professional online therapist to fit your requirements.

Some of the most typical issues that you can treat using online therapy are:

  • Addiction
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Anger management
  • Bipolar disorders
  • Couples counseling
  • Interpersonal relationship issues
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders

Top 12 Benefits of Online Therapy

There are many benefits online therapy offers. Lower prices and providing professional treatment 24/7 are only a few of them!

Take a look at our favorite online therapy advantages:

Equally Effective (Or Even More Effective)

According to most studies, online therapy is as beneficial as traditional in-person therapy. What’s even more interesting, some studies showed that online treatment is even more effective. So, even though some patients prefer in-person treatment, studies show that online therapy can work just as well.

Talk Using Chat, Video Chat, or Phone

People have different personalities, so some don’t feel comfortable discussing their troubles face-to-face. However, some individuals enjoy communicating via phone and chat. Online therapy platforms offer several communication methods for their patients to meet various preferences.

Nearby Mental Health Solutions for Distant Areas

If you live far away from a city or the nearest clinic, you shouldn’t worry, as online therapy programs work for everybody. You can talk to your online therapist from the luxury of your home, no matter which part of the world you live in.

Mental Health Assistance for Individuals with Physical Disabilities

One big concern for physically-disabled people with mental health issues is that they often have trouble commuting. Some of them even struggle to leave their homes. Conventional therapy programs might be a problem for such individuals, but they can always access modern online therapy programs.

Time-Saving and Convenient

You can save some of your precious time when you get an online therapist, as you won’t need to drive across town to meet your therapist or wait for hours at their office.

Receive Help in a Few Minutes

Within a few minutes, you can find online therapy programs that match you with a great therapist. So, whether you are in the middle of an emotional health crisis or simply need a person to talk about some concerns instantly, you will always get help as fast as possible through a tremendous online therapy program.

Available 24/7

Even the best therapists worldwide aren’t available 24/7. Luckily, online therapy platforms are active for you at any time of day and night. The best online therapy programs offer a network with thousands of experienced therapists who work in different time zones to help you and other patients.

Privacy and Confidentiality

The best part about online therapy is that no one will know that you use online therapy except for you, your therapist, and your device. So, you can enjoy the top level of privacy and confidentiality that one receives with online therapy services.

Use Any Computer, Tablet, or Smartphone Anywhere You Go

An in-person therapist won’t join you on your vacation. However, this is never a problem when using online therapy. Whether on a summer or winter vacation, you can always speak with your online therapist using any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Available for Kids, Teenagers, Couples, and Individuals

Online therapy programs are suitable for clients, including children, teens, couples, and individuals. Whether you are looking for an excellent online therapy service for yourself or someone in your family, online therapy programs will help you get what you need.

Board-Certified, Licensed, Professional Therapists

Remember that online therapists are certified professionals who hold board certification or master’s degrees. Each of the online therapy programs provides board-certified, licensed, professional therapists.


Online therapy services are pretty affordable because they don’t rent a clinic, don’t hire a lot of staff, and their therapists don’t have to travel to their patients’ homes. All online therapy programs are aware of this, and they provide the best price for you.

Online Therapy Downsides

Online therapy is the ideal option for most people. Still, there are some downsides to consider before you sign up, including:

Your Insurance Can but Does Not Have to Cover It

According to your insurance plan and your state, your insurance may not cover the rate of online therapy. Some online therapy platforms offer the option for you to pay via insurance. So, always check this before you sign up.

States that Limit Online Therapy Accessibility

Some states don’t let out-of-state therapists offer their services within the borders. States obligate providers to have a license in that particular place to provide their therapy services.

Some Online Therapy Programs Are Made Differently

There are lots of online therapy programs. Some of them, including the online therapies on our list, offer effective emotional health programs as good as, or even better than, the traditional in-person treatments. However, you should know that not all therapy services work the same way.

Lack of Cues and Body Language

When you use online therapy, you may find it tough to read body language and other cues. Depending on your current condition and the type of treatment you wish to get, this may affect your treatment for the worse.

Not Perfect for Serious Psychiatric Diseases

Although online therapy programs are perfect for various mental health issues, we don’t recommend these programs for severe mental disorders. So, in-person therapy or even hospitalization will be more effective for those with a tormenting condition.

How Much Does Revolutionary Online Therapy Cost?

We already mentioned that online therapy could be cheaper when compared to

in-person therapy. Online therapists have reduced costs and let their patients get the standard care for less money.

Most online therapy programs come with a $60 to $100 rate per week, which they bill monthly. But, you can always discover more affordable alternatives that cost between $50 and $75 a month and even premium options ranging between $300 and $500 monthly.

Let’s check the pricing of some of the best online therapy programs:

  • BetterHelp costs between $60 and $80 for a week, and you pay monthly
  • ReGain charges between $60 and $90 for a week, billed monthly
  • Talkspace costs between $260 and $396 for a month, billed every four weeks
  • Pride Counseling values between $60 and $90 for a week, billed once a month
  • 7Cups costs $150 per month and offers live chat communication with volunteers

Does Your Insurance Have an Obligation to Cover Your Online Therapy?

Your insurance company may not cover your online therapy. However, most of America’s leading insurers claim to cover online treatment due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are some of them:

  • Aetna offers a $0 copay for some telemedicine appointments;
  • United Healthcare removed their location-specific requests for a therapy visit, allowing you to continue the same therapy treatment no matter if it takes place in-person or online;
  • Blue Cross offers online social health therapy treatment in specific areas via certain providers.

However, sometimes your insurance company covers your online therapy, but your online coach or therapist doesn’t accept insurance as a way of payment.

7 Advantages of Starting Therapy Today

Are you still doubtful about therapy? Whether you prefer in-person or online treatment, there are many proven advantages to asking for and speaking to a professional therapist or coach.

No More Worries and Anxiety

It is pretty normal to feel stressed about life and the world sometimes. However, if you often catastrophize, over-think, or stick to an everything-or-nothing mindset, maybe it is the right time to talk to someone. These are some of the most common signs for people who have cognitive problems that might turn into destructive practices.

Return Your Hope

If you lack excitement and feel hopeless about your future, professional therapy might help you return your hope. First, your therapist will teach you how to spot the reasons that turned you into someone who lacks hope for better days. Then, your therapist will help you see and deal with those powerful emotions.

Step-by-Step Plan

You can’t cure cognitive problems overnight. Similar to physical health, your mental health needs time and suitable methods. An experienced online therapist offers a curated step-by-step strategy to make you feel new again.

Change, Adapt and Grow

Therapy may show you your best version. A skilled therapist will help you shift, adapt, and quickly evolve whether you feel stuck in one spot or are going through a huge life change or challenging scenario.

Deal with Changes and Trauma

Due to the stressful COVID-19 events, many people have begun attending therapy. That goes for both in-person and online therapy sessions, which aid individuals in dealing with turbulent times.

Create Interpersonal Connections

You should know that sound therapy is very beneficial and can help in optimizing interpersonal relationships. People aren’t aware that social relationships are pretty complicated, but fortunately, therapists have considerable experience offering help dealing with interpersonal communication and relationship dynamics.

Speak with a Neutral, Highly-Professional Therapist

Some prefer talking to their therapist than to someone they know. So, another benefit of speaking with a therapist is that you are vulnerable to a stranger. You may love the part where you can reveal your secrets to your therapist.

Scientific Proof for Online Therapy

According to studies, online therapy can be as good as traditional in-person therapy and, in some cases, even more effective. We’ll further go through some of those studies on a modern online treatment.

For instance, this 2014 study conducted by Affective Disorders Journal showed that online therapy happened to be as effective for treating depression and anxiety as in-person therapy.

A more recent study proved that online cognitive therapy happened to be equally effective as regular in-person therapy. Researchers examined the effectiveness of online treatment and in-person treatment on people with panic disorders, social anxiety disorder, major depression, and other anxiety disorders. They found out that patients had similar outcomes.

In 2020, The Lancet Discovery Studies published a study about online therapy. Researchers analyzed 17 in-person and online sessions to conclude how effective both treatments are in the case of CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy), also known as eCBT (electronic cognitive behavioral therapy). They revealed that eCBT is “at least as beneficial as face-to-face CBT.” Many doctors recommend electronic cognitive behavioral therapy to therapists and patients.

Interestingly, this study conducted in 2016 showed a similar outcome. In this study, researchers studied online therapy in three significant categories of research, defining it as “clinically efficacious” and that the relationship between the patient and therapist won’t change by a shift in the setting.

However, some therapists remain skeptical about online mental health care. A study from 2021 concluded that therapists find online counseling challenging for various reasons.

Some therapists, for example, have problems meeting federal and state laws. Most states call for therapists to possess a license to offer their services freely. Therapists cannot work across the United States unless registered in 50 states. For many online therapists, this is a lengthy process to go through.

In the same way, in the 2016 study that we mentioned above, scientists found that people adored online therapy and were highly satisfied by the results they got, while therapists had mixed feedback about the modern online treatment.

Besides some therapists’ hesitancy, online therapy is as good as in-person therapy for several kinds of treatment.

Online Therapy FAQs

Our team of experts receives tons of questions related to online therapy and how it works. We have prepared the answers to the most frequently asked questions to help you learn what you want to know faster.

Q: How does revolutionary online therapy work?

A: Modern online therapy connects you with a licensed therapist over the phone or online. Some online therapy platforms let you send an email or live chat with a therapist. Online therapy is great and works the same way as in-person therapy.

Q: How much does online therapy cost?

A: Typically, online therapy prices range between $50 and $200 for a session. However, you can also find online therapy programs that cost between $50 and $90 per week and are billed monthly.

Q: Who is the online therapy method meant for?

A: Anyone, including children, teens, couples, or individuals, can use online therapy.

Q: Is online therapy legitimate?

A: Of course it is. Online therapy is 100% legit. The best online therapy platforms use licensed therapists.

Q: What is the best online therapy program?

A: Some of the best online therapy programs are BetterHelp, Calmerry, ReGain, Talk Space, and Brightside, among others.

Q: What does the term “online therapy” mean?

A: Online therapy is a term for counseling or psychotherapy services provided on the internet. Unlike in-person therapy, where you visit your therapist’s office, you communicate with them through a video, call, or live chat with online therapy.

Q: Does my insurance cover online therapy?

A: It depends on the insurance plan you have. Talk with your insurance company to check if they cover this type of service.

Q: Do online therapy platforms use licensed therapists?

A: Yes, the best online therapy program always uses licensed therapists.

Q: Can I ask my online therapist to prescribe my medications?

A: There are online therapy platforms whose therapists can prescribe medications, such as antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication, but not all online therapy programs offer this service.

Q: How often can I contact my online therapist?

A: You can choose a subscription that fits your unique schedule. However, most online therapy platforms offer weekly or monthly timetables.

Q: Can I choose the therapist I want when using online therapy?

A: That depends on the therapy platform you use. While some therapy programs allow you to select a specific therapist, others automatically match you with an online therapist based on your demographics and concerns.

Q: Will I always work with the same online therapist?

A: Some online therapy platforms recommend using the same online therapist for each client, but you can always request another therapist if you aren’t satisfied with their services.

Q: Is online therapy confidential?

A: Licensed therapists must follow ethical codes. As long as you use a licensed online therapist, online therapy will be as confidential as traditional in-person therapy.

Q: What are the best free online therapy programs?

A: 7Cups provides free online therapy as it works with a team of volunteers who contact patients using live chat. Websites don’t offer free online treatment from certified therapists. So, unless you pay, you can’t get a professional service.

Q: Do online therapy programs offer therapy for couples?

A: Yes, lots of online therapy programs provide therapy for couples.

Q: How long does the online therapy last?

A: Online therapy sessions usually last from 30 to 60 minutes. But, some online therapy platforms offer longer or shorter sessions.

Q: Is there an online therapy program for teenagers and children?

A: Yes, many online therapy programs provide therapy for teenagers and children.

Q: What are some of the benefits of the therapy?

A: There are many benefits of therapy, and some of them include better communication, improved interpersonal skills, better self-acceptance and self-esteem, and healthier dealing with emotions.

The Best Online Therapy Programs in 2024 Final Word

The top-quality online therapy programs will help you become the type of person you admire. Whether you prefer live chat with professionals or video chat with a certified online therapist, you can find more therapy alternatives today.

Try the best online therapy program for you that is listed above, reap the benefits, and say hello to the new you!


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