Letter: Speak up, speak out against administration


I truly do not know how much more our democracy can handle. It certainly feels like the wheels are completely off the bus, while we wait for Mueller, and the madman is continuing to shore up his dictatorship.

The rule of law may prevail, I pray, but how much damage can this country handle from all the lies and manipulation?

What will our elected officials look back on and wish they had done differently? Whatever that is, please do it now.

For us. For yourself. For our country.

I am absolutely horrified that this administration is going to be building private jails for detaining immigrants fleeing mud slides and violence. Do our representatives realize how private jails function? It is the worst idea on the planet.

Have they read of the collusive kickbacks in the youth jail in northern Pennsylvania in the past? The abuse these kids endured, until some committed suicide?

What, specifically, are our representatives doing to stop this madness? What have they proposed to stabilize our democracy?

I support compassionate and respectful treatment of people seeking asylum in this country. And, there is absolutely no reason we should be tolerating tearing children from their parents and housing them in dog cages.

I urge our representatives to speak up and speak out. Talk with psychologists to learn the best way to deal with this global bully. And, get him out.

Amy Hauser


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