Offering a sweet deal for Halloween: Oak Harbor dentist paying children cash for their candy

Randy Carr and his Island Dental Center staff in Oak Harbor will be participating in a candy buy-back Nov. 3 for those who want to convert their Halloween candy to cash.

In moderation, Randy Carr sees nothing wrong with a child munching on a little candy from time to time.

But Halloween night typically doesn’t embody moderation.

“Kids don’t need 20 pounds of candy,” Carr said.

To incentivize kids to eat less of their Halloween loot, Carr, an Oak Harbor dentist, is offering to buy some of it back.

Borrowing an idea from dentists in Whatcom County, Carr is hosting a “candy buy-back” at his dental office Tuesday, Nov. 3.

From 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., parents may bring in their children to receive $1 for every pound of candy they give to Carr.

There will even be a scale to measure the candy.

“Anybody can bring candy in,” he said. “Kids can keep as much as they want. We’re just going to pay you a buck a pound and give you a little treat bag too. They can come in costume, if they want.”

Carr took over the Island Dental Center last year after practicing dentistry for 12 years in his hometown of Bellingham.

That’s where he got the idea of the candy buy-back.

“I hadn’t noticed anybody doing it here,” Carr said. “It’s a good way to engage people to think about sugar through the Halloween holiday.

“Parents think it’s neat. We’ll do this annually. Nobody else is doing it on the island. We’ll get a chance to make this one of our signature events.”

Island Dental Center is located at 20 S.W. 8th Avenue.