Top 7 NMN Supplements That Actually Work – Best 2024 Brands Reviewed

Hey there! Have you ever looked at someone who doesn’t seem to age and thought, “What’s their secret?” The buzz these days is all about a little thing called NMN—short for Nicotinamide Mononucleotide. People say it’s like a magic potion for fixing damaged DNA, speeding up how fast you burn calories, and even slowing down the clock on getting old. No kidding, some studies say NMN supplements might help with all of that.

You see, NMN is the building block for another important thing in our bodies called NAD. Think of NAD as the battery that keeps our cells going. As we get older, that ‘battery level’ starts to drop, and that’s when we run into health problems and feel tired all the time.

What if you could keep that battery full for longer? We investigated it and determined which NMN supplements are worth your time. So, if you’re curious, and you probably are, if you’re still reading, stick with us. We’re diving deep into this NMN thing; you won’t want to miss it.

What are NMN Supplements?

Alright, let’s cut to the chase. You’ve probably heard about all sorts of “miracle” anti-aging pills and potions. We’ve all seen those ads promising everlasting youth. NMN supplements have entered the chat, and they’re making some noise. Before assuming it’s all hype, let’s examine the facts.

NMN is short for Nicotinamide Mononucleotide. That’s a mouthful. So, we’ll stick with NMN. There are several stars in the world of anti-aging, and one of them is not alone. There are others like Resveratrol, Fisetin, and Spermidine. These names sound like something from a chemistry quiz, but in simple terms, they’re all ingredients that might help you age a bit more gracefully.

Buying a bottle for each of these would cost you an arm and a leg. Plus, imagine having to swallow a dozen pills every morning. No, thank you! That’s why some smart folks in white coats have mixed NMN with other longevity boosters. Brands like Liposomal NMN+ and Life Extension NAD+ Cell Regenerator are doing just that. They’re blending NMN with other good stuff, so you can get multiple benefits without raiding an entire pharmacy.

Now, if you’re thinking, “Great, let’s buy some NMN and call it a day,” hold your horses! The market is flooded with these supplements. Trust me, it’s like a jungle out there, especially for folks who are always tired, losing muscle, or just feeling ‘blah’ as they get older. Everybody wants a slice of the anti-aging pie, so you’ll find dozens of options, from Liftmode NMN to what-have-you.

But not all NMN supplements are created equal, my friend. Some might work for your neighbor Joe but do nil for you. That’s why doing your homework is crucial. Rest assured, most of the work has already been done for you. We’ll dive into each brand’s nitty-gritty details and how they might be your next best thing.

The Best NMN Supplements in 2024

Below are our picks for the best NMN supplements for 2024:

  • Liposomal NMN+
  • Tru Niagen
  • Cymbiotika NMN
  • Wonderfeel Youngr NMN
  • Life Extension NAD+ Cell Regenerator
  • Alive By Nature Sublingual NMNs
  • Liftmode NMN

Liposomal NMN+


So, you’re serious about turning back the clock? If you want a blend of science and nature, meet Liposonal NMN+. This is made by GenF20, a name that’s been around for two decades in the anti-aging game. When looking for reliability, it’s hard to beat a brand that has stood the test of time, right?

Basic Info

  • Core Ingredients: NMN
  • Servings Per Container: 30
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 67 days
  • Pricing: $69.95

This isn’t just any NMN supplement; this is a powerhouse designed to make you feel like you’ve turned back the calendar pages. No preservatives, sugar-free, non-GMO, 100% organic, and risk-free. It’s like the organic smoothie of anti-aging supplements.

GenF20 has been on the scene for over 20 years, folks. These pros have been helping people feel younger before it became a trend. If reputation means anything to you, GenF20 is like the Rolls-Royce of anti-aging.

Each serving comes with a whopping 250mg of NMN. It’s important to remember that the effectiveness of nutrient absorption is just as crucial as the amount you consume. GenF20 has mixed it with a vegetable cellulose capsule and a unique complex of fats. This helps your body suck up as much NMN as possible instead of losing it before it reaches your cells.

Possible Health Benefits

  • Ease joint pain
  • Boost your energy
  • Fortify your immune system
  • Improve your mood
  • Help you sleep better
  • And that’s just scratching the surface. They’ve listed 18 benefits, so you know it’s not messing around.


  • Manufactured by a reputable, experienced company
  • 98% pure NMN
  • Packed with 250mg of NMN per serving
  • Additional fats for better absorption
  • 67-day money-back guarantee


  • Priced at $69.95, it’s not the cheapest option out there
  • Only 30 servings per container; you might need to restock fairly soon

Tru Niagen


Let’s discuss another heavy hitter, the second in our best NMN supplements list: Tru Niagen. You’ve probably heard the name if you’re into health and wellness. Is there a specific reason for all the excitement, and would it be beneficial to try it? Let’s dive in.

Basic Info

  • Core Ingredients: Niacin, Niacinamide, NMN
  • Servings Per Container: 30
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Not available
  • Pricing: $40

First off, the capsule. It’s vegetarian-friendly, which is a plus if you’re into plant-based living. And it’s not just about NMN; it’s got a patented form of NR (nicotinamide riboside) called Niagen, which is all about boosting your NAD+ levels. Safe and clinically tested components? Check. Convenient capsules? Double-check.

Here’s a shout-out to ChromaDex. They’ve been around for over 25 years, and if that doesn’t say something about their expertise, I don’t know what does. In 2004, their chief scientific guy, Charles Brenner, figured out how to work NAD+ magic with NR. Fast forward a bit, and Tru Niagen was born in 2017.

The supplement is designed to give your cells that NAD+ boost, and guess what? According to their website, it can ramp up your blood NAD levels by up to 51% in just two weeks. Now, that’s anti-aging goodness packed in a bottle.

Possible Health Benefits

  • Healthy Aging
  • Improved brain health
  • Boosted heart health
  • Higher energy levels
  • Reduced stress
  • Better immune system


  • Long-standing, reputable company
  • Patented NR form for NAD+ production
  • Vegetarian-friendly capsules
  • Supported by exhaustive research and Nobel Prize winners
  • Competitive pricing at $40


  • No money-back guarantee
  • Only 30 servings in a bottle

Cymbiotika NMN: The All-Rounder in NMN Supplements


So, you’re into the idea of NMN supplements but looking for something with a little extra kick? Enter Cymbiotika NMN, a supplement that doesn’t just stop at NMN. Let’s dive into what makes this brand stand out.

Basic Info

  • Core Ingredient Blend: NMN with trans-resveratrol and more
  • Servings Per Container: Not specified
  • Pricing: $77

If the name “trans-resveratrol” caught your eye, you’re onto something. Cymbiotika NMN goes beyond NMN to offer a unique blend. Each two-capsule serving packs a punch with 400mg of NMN and a cocktail of other exciting ingredients like apigenin, green tea extract, resveratrol, and green coffee bean extract. Each one of these brings its anti-aging flair to the table. This is one of the best NMN supplement brands to pick.

We all know about free radicals, those pesky things that wreak havoc on our cells. Cymbiotika NMN’s formula aims to neutralize them, helping with DNA upkeep, reducing stress on a cellular level, and even slowing down the aging process.

Possible Health Benefits

  • Fights off free radicals
  • Keeps your DNA in tip-top shape
  • Minimizes cellular stress
  • Boosts your cellular metabolism


  • Multi-functional formula with a blend of beneficial ingredients
  • Targets multiple signs of aging
  • Known for reducing oxidative stress
  • It helps with both cellular metabolism and DNA maintenance


  • Pricier at $77
  • No money-back guarantee stated
  • The servings per container aren’t specified

Wonderfeel Youngr NMN: Elevating the Supplement Game with Science


Are you someone who pays attention to detail? Who prefers to go with brands that have scientific backing? Wonderfeel Youngr NMN might be the NMN supplement you’ve been searching for. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of what sets this brand apart.

Basic Info

  • Core Ingredients: Pterostilbene (PT) and Nicotinamide Riboside (NR-E)
  • Servings Per Container: 30
  • Pricing: $50

Wonderfeel Youngr NMN supplement is aimed at slowing down cellular aging uniquely. Their goal is to boost your cellular NAD+ levels for a healthier you. Wonderfeel’s lead cellular health pioneer, Andrew Salzman MD, has degrees from Harvard Medical School, Yale University, and Columbia University.

Possible Health Benefits

  • Boost your energy levels
  • Sharpen your focus
  • Improve your sleep quality
  • Give you a beautiful aging experience


  • A diverse range of anti-aging supplements
  • Clinically approved ingredients for safety
  • Institutional backing by Oxford and Yale
  • NSF Certified for Sport


  • The price point might not be for everyone
  • No money-back guarantee
  • It might be too scientific for those who prefer a simple formula

Life Extension NAD+ Cell Regenerator: More Than Just a Name


Are you searching for a supplement that packs a punch and delivers results? Well, how about one that’s been in the business since 1980 and offers a whopping 365-day money-back guarantee? Meet Life Extension’s NAD+ Cell Regenerator.

Basic Info

  • Core Ingredients: Nicotinamide Riboside, Trans-Resveratrol
  • Servings Per Container: 30
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 365 days
  • Pricing: $40.50

First off, Life Extension isn’t new to the game. Founded by Saul Kent and William Faloon, this brand has been delving into health science since it was trendy. They offer everything from ashwagandha to brain health aids, but today, we’re zoning in on their NAD+ Cell Regenerator.

The Cell Regenerator is packed with 300mg of Niagen nicotinamide riboside, which has been shown to help boost your body’s NAD+ levels. This allows your cells to stay young and energetic.

Possible Health Benefits

  • Boosts Vitality: Think of this as fueling your inner engine.
  • Cognitive Function: It helps keep your mind sharp—always a plus.
  • Cardiovascular Health: Heart health is crucial at any age, and this supplement covers you.
  • Cellular Energy: Promotes the all-important NAD+, which your cells need for energy.


  • Industry veteran with a track record of scientific research
  • Offers a variety of other health supplements
  • It comes with a 365-day money-back guarantee
  • Moderately priced for its benefits


  • Some may find the formula too complex
  • Only 30 servings per container might not last long if you’re sharing.

Life Extension’s NAD+ Cell Regenerator has a reputation that precedes it—and for good reason. Whether it’s the robust money-back guarantee or many health benefits, this supplement appears to check many boxes.

Alive By Nature Sublingual NMNs: The Powder Advantage


So, you’re looking for a supplement that doesn’t come in a pill or capsule? Check out Alive By Nature’s NMN in powder form. It’s different, but in a good way. Let’s dig into what makes it unique.

Basic Info

  • Primary Ingredient: Nicotinamide Mononucleotide
  • How Many Days Does It Last: 30 days
  • Money-Back Promise: 30 days
  • Cost: 50$

What stands out about this supplement? Well, it’s a powder, not a pill. That means your body can soak up the good stuff faster. Plus, you can choose how much you take, more or less, depending on what you feel you need. And for those who stay away from animal products or gluten, the good news is that it’s vegan and gluten-free.

Possible Health Benefits

  • More Energy: You’ll likely feel more awake and ready to take on the day.
  • Cell Repair: It helps your cells fix themselves, which is excellent for overall well-being.
  • All-Around Boost: Whether it’s your mood, focus, or general get-up-and-go, expect an uplift.
  • Flexible Dosing: The powder lets you adjust how much you take, so you’re in control.


  • The powder form makes it easier for your body to use it quickly.
  • It’s friendly for vegans and people who avoid gluten.
  • You get 30 days to decide if it’s for you and get your money back if it’s not.
  • You can change how much you take to suit you.


  • This might not be for you if you like a pill’s quick and easy route.
  • You only have 30 days to decide if you want to return it, shorter than other options.

Liftmode NMN: Your Health’s New Best Friend


Are you looking for a supplement that does more than scratch the surface? This one is the last in our best NMN supplements list, but that doesn’t mean it is less effective. Let’s dive into Liftmode NMN and see what’s making everyone talk about it.

Basic Info

  • Key Ingredient: Nicotinamide Mononucleotide
  • Amount in Container: 100mg
  • Money-Back: 90-day policy
  • Price Tag: $67

Sometimes, you need a supplement that goes the extra mile. That’s where Liftmode NMN comes in. It contains Nicotinamide Mononucleotide, which helps create a molecule called NAD+. Think of NAD+ as the fuel for your cells. This supplement is packed with it to help with everything— from energy to mental focus.

Possible Health Benefits

  • Boost Your Energy: Feel more awake and ready for whatever comes your way.
  • Keep Your Brain Sharp: Helps you think clearer and remember better.
  • Good For Your Heart: Supports a healthy cardiovascular system.
  • Anti-Aging Perks: It works to slow down signs of aging you can and can’t see.


  • High-Quality Ingredient: The Nicotinamide Mononucleotide in it is the real deal.
  • Multi-Benefit: It doesn’t focus on just one aspect of health; it aims to improve various areas.
  • 90-Day Guarantee: This gives you plenty of time to see if it fits you.


  • Price: At $67, it’s not the cheapest option.
  • Potency: With 100mg per container, some might find it less potent than other brands.

So, is Liftmode NMN the multi-tasking supplement you’ve been waiting for? It might be worth trying out with its potential health benefits and a 90-day money-back guarantee. After all, who doesn’t want a one-stop shop for better energy, clearer thinking, and overall wellness?

How We Chose and Ranked These NMN Supplements

Are you wondering how we came up with our list of top NMN supplements? It wasn’t just eeny, meeny, miny, moe! We considered several factors to ensure that we’re recommending the real deal. So, let’s pull back the curtain and share what went into our decision-making process.

Purity and Ingredient Sourcing

First, we wanted to know what’s inside those bottles. We looked for products with a high percentage of pure NMN. Why? Because it ensures you’re getting the most effective form of the compound. We also peeked into where the NMN comes from—whether it’s synthetic or naturally sourced. And we favored products that use top-notch NMN from reputable sources.

Third-Party Testing

Safety is a big deal. That’s why we went for products checked by unbiased third-party labs. These labs test for everything from purity to harmful contaminants. We also liked to see a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification. It’s like a gold star for clean, controlled manufacturing.


This is all about how well your body can use the NMN you’re taking. We gave extra points to products that use fancy science stuff like liposomal or sublingual delivery to help your body absorb NMN better.

Dosage and Concentration

When it comes to NMN, size does matter. We evaluated how much NMN you’re getting in each serving. A high dosage means the supplement might be more effective if it’s safe.

Additives and Fillers

We read those ingredient lists like an intense detective novel. We wanted clean products—no unnecessary additives, preservatives, or weird artificial stuff. Because why would you like to take anything that could muck up the purity of your NMN?

Price and Value

Let’s talk money. Everyone’s looking for the best bang for their buck, so we compared the cost per serving to the quality and dosage you get. We aimed to find products that offer good value without cutting corners on quality.

Scientific Credibility and Research

We love a good research paper! We hunted for supplements backed by scientific studies. If the experts say it works, we’re more inclined to trust it.

Longevity and Reputation of the Brand

We gave a nod to brands that have been around the block and earned their stripes. A strong history often means a commitment to quality, precisely what we seek.

Transparent Labeling & Ingredient Information

Have you ever tried reading a supplement label and felt like you were deciphering a secret code? We don’t like that either. We gave higher rankings to products that tell you exactly what’s inside, no smoke and mirrors.

The Mechanism of NMN Supplements: How Do They Work?

Ever wonder how NMN supplements do their magic? You’re not alone! So, let’s dive into how these supplements operate within your body. Don’t worry; we’ll keep the science jargon to a minimum.

The Role of NMN as an NAD+ Precursor

Let’s start with some good news: NMN is your buddy when it comes to anti-aging. It works as a precursor to NAD+, a molecule like a VIP guest at the anti-aging party. While you might think about directly taking NAD+ for those age-defying benefits, it’s not straightforward. Studies have shown that taking NAD+ directly isn’t as effective as taking a precursor like NMN.

What Exactly is NMN?

You can relax if you’re picturing NMN as some mysterious, rare substance. It’s a type of Vitamin B3 designed to pump up your body’s NAD+ levels. Most NAD+ in the body comes from good ol’ Vitamin B3, making NMN a familiar friend in a specialized form.

Decades of Research on NAD+

You’re not alone in wanting to age gracefully. Science has been chasing the fountain of youth for a long time, and NAD+ is at the forefront. Research has shown that it can extend lifespan and counteract the effects of aging. A study even showed that it increased the lifespan of mice by 30%. Yep, you read that right.

NAD+: The Unsung Hero of Your Cells

NAD+ is a busy bee. It’s found in practically every cell in your body and helps with over 400 biological functions. While some might consider taking an NAD+ supplement to reap the benefits, that’s not the best route. NAD+ supplements don’t work very well because the molecule is unstable. That’s where NMN steps in as the reliable precursor.

How Taking NMN Supplements Boosts NAD+ Levels

When you take an NMN supplement, think of it as laying down the bricks for building a house—the NAD+ house, to be exact. NMN provides your body with the building blocks to create its own NAD+. Some people combine NMN supplements with other strategies like intermittent fasting or high-intensity interval training to give NAD+ levels an extra kick.

FAQs About NMN Supplements

Q: What are NMN supplements good for?

A: NMN supplements aim to boost NAD+ levels in your body, offering potential anti-aging benefits and increased cellular energy.

Q: Are Alive by Nature and Liftmode reputable brands for NMN?

A: Both brands are highly regarded for purity and effectiveness, making them solid choices for NMN supplementation.

Q: How does NMN work in the body?

A: NAD+ is a crucial molecule for cellular health and energy production, and NMN acts as a precursor to it.

Q: Is it safe to take NMN supplements?

A: While generally considered safe, it’s always best to consult a healthcare provider before starting any new supplement regimen.

Q: Do NMN supplements come in different forms?

A: Yes, you can find NMN in various forms, like sublingual powder and capsules, each designed for optimal absorption in the body.

Concluding The Best NMN Supplements in 2024

Navigating the world of NMN supplements can feel like walking through a maze. There’s science, there are claims, and then there are your own health goals to consider. But remember, whether it’s anti-aging enhanced cellular function or just an energy boost you’re after, NMN supplements like Alive by Nature and Liftmode offer compelling options. They’re grounded in science, offer quality and purity, and, most importantly, aim to deliver what your body naturally craves: a healthier, more vibrant you.

So, if you’re sitting on the fence, now might be the time to hop off and try NMN. After all, in the quest for a more youthful and energetic life, taking action is the first step to transformation. Are you ready to take that step?


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