Upsets elude Wilcats

Oak Harbor girls just miss pulling off upsets.

“The girls’ Volleyball team from Oak Harbor just missed pulling off one upsets this week against Kamiak and a lull in the middle game cost them their match against Marsville. The two opponents sit atop the WIldcats division, which makes the loses that much more difficult as they just missed an oppertunity to set themselves up for the playoffs. Despite good starts in both games, a lack of concentration and focus would eventually cost the girls the upsets. On Thursday the girls came home to play Marysville (7-1 ,10-2), where the Wildcats (3-3 ,4-7) would come out blazing and finnish the game on fire. Unfortunately the team would lose the contest thanks to a lull in the middle. We always seen to come out strong, said Constance Burnette. We get too big headed and when you get big headed you tend to go down.The girls blazed to a 7-0 lead in the first game, capitalizing on thier oppenents mistakes. With the score 8-4, Marysville would score a pivital ace that would ignight a comeback. We just thought we could take them right away, said Shannon Carroll the Wildcats captain. We thought we had them and it fell appart.The Tomahawks would battle back as the Wildcats prgressively lost thier focus and momentum. The result was Oak Harbor losing the first game, 13-15, and losing all confidense for the second game.In the second set the Tomahawks momentum allowed them to attack Oak Harbor. The Tomahawks would spike the Wildcats with a, 15-4, win to take a comanding 2-0 lead. We hang our heads when we have done some things wrong, said coach Kerri Molitor. We dwell on mistakes too much. We had been overcoming that in our last few matches. The third set was a battle for both teams with the Wildcats jumping out to a 5-0 lead before Marysville would come back and take a comanding 14-9 lead and be with in a point of ending the game. We knew if we kept our heads together we can pull anything off, said Carroll who led the team with five kills and three aces. The Wildcats never quit making the Tomahawks work and tieing the game at 15, but eventually losing the match, 17-15, and the game, 3-0. We knew we had to get it together if wanted it, said Carroll. We wanted it, but it happened at the end.Amy Rupno scored two kills, two assists, an ace and three blocks while Valerie Hatman contributed 11 assists, an ace, a kill and one block for the match. Jennifer Berg also had four kills. Tonight we went back to playing the way we were a few weeks ago. We got over confident, said Molitor. We have been playing really well and we tought we going to play well without even trying to. In their first game of the week the girls pushed Kamiak (8-0 ,12-0) to a deciding fifth point on Tuesday before losing, 3-2, on Kamiak’s home court. Scoring droughts and big momentum shifts would cost the Wildcats this game according to Molitor. Despite the loses Molitor is still confident that the team can rebound and still make the playoffs. A couple of the games coming up are against teams that we have played before and played with them. Although they beat us we have been feeling as though we have improved but we can’t forget that the other teams have improved too. With only two of their four remaining games at home, the team will have to battle inorder to get into the playoffs. But Molitor said that she will be able to prepare the team better for the up coming matches as they have already played the teams this season. Molitor knows her team must be able to exicute and stay focused to be successful. One game Molitor sid the team wont have time to prepare for it a makeup game against Mount Lake Terrace (1-5, 4-6) last night (results were not available at time of press). “