Oak Harbor goes unbeaten in 4 divisions / Girls wrestling

Four members of the Oak Harbor High School girls wrestling team went undefeated at the Foss Tournament in Tacoma Saturday, Dec. 8.

Ella Erikson, Barrett Chowning, Diandra Dominguez and Hannah Shinn were unbeaten to lead the Wildcats.

Isabell Moss and Barbra Powers each won two of three matches.

The Wildcats won 18 of 31 matches, 15 by falls.

Oak Harbor hosts a scramble, its only home action of the season, at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 12.

Oak Harbor results at Foss

120, Ella Erikson: won by fall, 2:30; won 5-3; won 15-6.

125, Taylor Cross: won by fall, 4:20; lost by fall, 1:11; lost by fall, :42.

125, Isabella Moss: won by fall, 2:41; won by fall, 5:15; lost by fall, 4:13.

130, Anika Rasmussen: lost by fall, 2:41; lost by fall, 1:50; won by fall.

130, Nicole Sipes: won by fall, 1:48; lost by fall, :55; lost by fall, 1:1.

135, Barrett Chowning: won by fall, :27; won 10-7; won by fall, 1:13.

140, Abigail Correa-Cruz: lost by fall, 1:00; lost by fall, 2:14; won by fall, 3:46.

145, Grace Chargualaf: lost by fall, :15; lost by fall, :53; lost by fall, 1:13.

155, Diandra Dominguez: won by fall, 2:42; won by fall, 1:31.

155, Barbra Powers: won by fall, 3:09; lost by fall, 4:33; won by fall.

235, Hannah Shinn: won by fall, :59; won by fall, 4:42.