Melnick leads team to tournament title / Golf

A team captained by Todd Melnick, who also happened to be the tournament sponsor, won the Whidbey Golf Club’s Melnick and Sons Five-person Best Ball Tournament July 25 and 26.

The tournament featured its largest field ever, according to WGC pro Dave Phay.

“We even had to turn some teams away due to limiting the field to 200 players due to making sure that we could keep the tee times far enough apart so to make room on the practice facilities to keep distance,” Phay said.

“The weather was perfect, and it seems that everyone had a great time. We were unable to have our customary horse race due to social distancing regulations, but most seemed happy to be able to get out and compete with their buddies.”

Melnick was joined on the first-place team by Lucas Horrobin, Robert Tercero, Daniel Campbell and Jeremy Amundson. The quintet won by seven strokes, shooting a 380 (-52 score to par).

“They played exceptionally well together as a team and it looked like they were having the time of their lives out there each time I went by them on the course,” Phay said. “That’s what this event is all about – team camaraderie. Thanks to our sponsors, (we were) able to pay out over $28,000 worth of prizes this year.”

Austin Beatty, Ian Bonallo, Cameron Damskov, Ford Harris and Anthony Porter placed second at 387 (-45) out of 40 teams.

Other Top-10 Results

Third (tie): James Keresey, Blaine Ward, Nick Krantz, Todd Krantz, James Keresey III, 390 (-42); Casey Richardson, Steven Richardson, Kevin Helwick, Dave Solis, Patrick Amell, 390 (-42).

Fifth: Bob Cyr, Adam Carter, Doug Zylstra, Dan Altman, Robert Hawkins, 393 (-39).

Sixth: Joseph Marckstein, Tyler Sauer, George Salatka, Andrew Bighouse, David Smith, 395 (-37).

Seventh: Tanner Parot, Tim Hogue, Taylor Hogue, Nick Dailey, Rudy Caparas, 398 (-34).

Eighth: Jim Chambers, Leo Munoz, Eric Bjorling, Lenny Thompson, Rick Jacobs, 399, (-33).

Ninth: Chuck Yurinca, George Schmidt, Keith Tod, Steven Anderson, Tim Wyer, 401 (-31).

10th (tie): Dave Smith, Andy Wesley, Kevin Allen, Jay Turner, Trevor Reed, 402 (-30); Sean Noteboom, Kellan Noteboom, Matthew Wyatt, Adam Brisden, Brian O’Neill, 402 (-30).