Golfers tee up for kids

Donors turn out for Child Abuse Prevention Foundation golf tournament.

“The fourth annual Child Abuse Prevention Foundation golf tournament was held Saturday at the Whidbey Golf and Country Club.It was the first time the Whidbey Island children’s agency held a fund-raiser golf event in Oak Harbor. Although only 68 people golfed, there was an incredible response from donors, CAPF chairwoman Linda Hooberman said. Hooberman was in charge of the golf part of the fund-raiser. The donation was $125 and included a hot lunch a number of prizes from local merchants. The tournament was scored through a scramble system which required using two drives from each person on the team. But in this tournament, the person whose drive was used couldn’t take anymore hits. Golfer David Phay said he wished that part of the event was different. I’m really good at driving, so many of my balls were used, which left me standing around, not able to play golf for much of the tournament, he said.In spite of Phay’s dissatisfaction with the scoring method, the golfers had a good time.This is a good fund-raiser because, not only do they get to donate to a good cause, they actually get to do something, Hooberman said.Sheriff Mike Hawley watched over the 17th hole. There was a prize of a new boat, a new Dodge Dakota extra-cab truck or $20,000 in cash for a hole-in-one on the 17th – 175 yards.Making a hole-in-one is like winning the lottery, said Mike Schlosser, a member of the Whidbey Golf and Country Club.The 17th was chosen because it is the longest three-par hole.The new truck sat on the 17th hole as an incentive to make the shot. Alas, no one drove off with the truck, nor the boat or cash. “