4 set pace for Flyers / Tumbling and trampoline

Four Island Flyers from the Rise Academy of Arts captured first place at the Seattle Invitational tumbling and trampoline meet at Madison Park Saturday, Feb. 2.

Cassidy Gore led the way by placing first overall regardless of age or gender in Level 5 tumbling. She was also second in Level 5 double mini and third in Level 5 trampoline.

Catrina Ocanas finished first (second overall) in Level 6 double mini. She added a third (third overall) in Level 5 tumbling and a fifth in Level 7 trampoline.

Keira Smith was first (third overall) in Level 5 double mini, sixth in Level 4 tumbling and sixth in Level 5 trampoline.

Kenzie Walker nabbed first (third overall) in Level 5 tumbling, third (third overall) in Level 4 trampoline and fourth in Level 4 double mini.

Others placing for the Flyers:

Arianna Hunt: second (second overall), Level 5 double mini; fourth, Level 4 tumbling.

Madison Walker: second (second overall), Level 5 tumbling; third, Level 5 trampoline; sixth, Level 5 double mini.

Harmony Wertz: second (second overall), Level 5 tumbling; fourth, Level 6 trampoline; seventh, Level 6 double mini.

Mailee Talo: second, Level 4 tumbling; second, Level 4 trampoline; second, Level 4 double mini.

Sidney Louis: second, Level 4 tumbling; fifth, Level 4 trampoline; fifth, Level 4 double mini.

Rosalie Wright: third, Level 4 double mini; fourth, Level 4 tumbling; sixth, Level 4 trampoline.

Rylee Burlington: fourth, Level 5 trampoline; seventh, Level 5 tumbling; seventh, Level 5 double mini.

Leighlah Louis: fifth, Level 5 tumbling; fifth, Level 5 trampoline; eighth, Level 5 double mini.