WhidbeyHealth Wire: Island’s hospice care is among best in state

WhidbeyHealth Hospice Care was honored with top marks by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services earlier this year for outstanding quality of patient care and family-caregiver experience. WhidbeyHealth has been at the pinnacle of hospice care for nearly a year now – showing that rural health care can provide first-class care.

The federal agency recognized WhidbeyHealth Hospice in two key areas of care: quality of patient care and the family caregiver experience. The decision to award our five-star rating comes in part based on Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Provider & Systems surveys and self-reported data. This mix of unique rural healthcare information, combined with standardized assessment surveys resulted in WhidbeyHealth Hospice Care’s 5-star rating – the only recipient of such a score for nearly a year in Washington.

The family-caregiver experience survey asks family members about the patient’s hospice care, and if they would recommend that hospice to someone else. This survey focuses on provider communication with the family, the patient receiving timely help, and treating the patient with respect and dignity. In each of the three areas, WhidbeyHealth scored 5-10 points higher than the state and national averages, with “treating patients with respect and dignity” leading the way. WhidbeyHealth Hospice Care has a truly remarkable team, and these scores show exactly why we are so highly regarded in the field of hospice care.

WhidbeyHealth’s commitment to quality is shown in the outstanding care our team of hospice professionals deliver each day. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services compares hospice services using an index of 10 indicators that assess the quality of care compared to the national average, with the highest possible score being a 10. WhidbeyHealth Hospice Care met or exceeded every indicator resulting in a perfect score.

WhidbeyHealth Hospice Care provides high-quality, compassionate end-of-life care for people with terminal illness. We are committed to providing highly skilled symptom management and support for the terminally ill, while living their final months to the fullest.

Our hospice program provides services customized to the needs of each patient, from pain and symptom management to guidance for family members and bereavement services, to specialized services such as speech and physical therapy or music therapy. WhidbeyHealth is proud of our commitment to provide compassionate, quality care services to our island community.

Learn more about WhidbeyHealth Hospice care on our website: whidbeyhealth.org/hospice-and-palliative-care#hospice_care or call and speak to one of our hospice care professionals today at 360-914-5635.

WhidbeyHealth Wire is a regular column from the island’s public hospital district.