Resolutions of service | Editorial

Kathy Reed

I don’t know what it is about the New Year that inspires such a burst of good intentions. Anyone who remembered my commitment last year to get my husband to come up with space for me in the garage for a craft area will be thrilled to know I was able to see that resolution through. The fact that my husband has now filled my space up with paraphernalia doesn’t take away from the fact that the space exists, right? Of course, having the space isn’t synonymous with using the space.  I did, however briefly, get to enjoy it, which leads me to a simple renewal of last year’s resolution.

A more important resolution for anyone might be to see how we can invest in our community — not financially, but with action.

Our veterans groups are a prime example of service. The VFW has claimed an active role in the community, providing meals for our senior community at the holidays, providing clothes and household items twice a year at the Ladies Auxiliary’s Giveaway Days and turning fundraisers like serving breakfast and dinner into ways to interact with the community and build its membership.

The American Legion in Langley is also using unconventional means to get its message into the community. Dance lessons and karaoke are fun ways to meet people and to break the ice. But the Legion, both in Langley and in Oak Harbor, as well as the VFW and Disabled American Veterans, know what service is all about.

Perhaps it started with their military service. At any rate, all those organizations will bend over backwards to serve our community of veterans on Whidbey Island as well as our communities. If ever you need an example of what community service looks like, any one of those organizations would be a good place to start.

 – Kathy Reed, editor