Thomas Foster Strang: July 30, 1944 – April 19, 2024

Thomas F. Strang passed away April 19, 2024 at the home of his family. Born in Berea, Ohio on July 30th, l944 to the late Stanley and Ada (Bearupe) Strang. He served in the USN for 23 years. Served in Vietnam where he was in contact with Agent Orange which caused his long term illness of Parkinson’s disease. He was a proud Master Chief and served in the Navy for 23 years. After retiring Tom and his wife went traveling for eight months across Canada and the United States. Then moved to Coupeville, WA and decided to open a Woodcraft Art Gallery. Tom always enjoyed woodworking and made the crafts for the shop. He was a member of the Chamber of Commerce. Thomas is survived by his loving wife of 50 years, daughter Christine, sonin-law Michael Sikorski, daughter Jane and son-inlaw Mark Emery. In addition to his grandchildren, Stephen and his wife Briana Sikorski, Chloe Sikorski and Gracie Andruss. He was preceded in death by his parents, brothers Richard and Robert Strang, son Steven Strang and daughter Michelle Strang. He was a loving, caring husband and father and will live in our hearts forever.