Nancy Ann Andrews: May 6, 1935 – Aug. 23, 2020

Nancy Ann Andrews passed away on Aug. 23, 2020.



Nancy Ann Andrews, of Manson, Wash., passed away on Aug. 23 at the age of 85.

Born in her great grandparents Seattle, Wash., home on May 6, 1935, to parents Nelson Darby and Virginia Catherine Topping, Nancy brought inspiration and joy to all who knew her.

As a child, she lived up and down the West Coast and would often recall her mother resourcefully decorating their otherwise plain housing with what little they had. These moments would spark a passion for creativity and beauty that Nancy would be known for throughout her life.

She married shortly after high school and the two had four children during their 19 years together.

In 1972, she moved to Puget Sound’s beautiful Whidbey Island, Wash., after being captivated with its breathtaking scenery and charm. The island is also where she would meet the great love of her life, an Irish man named Stanley Andrews. Introduced by mutual friends, they married in 1983 and began a wonderful life full of love and adventure. Together, they would build their dream homes, create beautiful gardens and travel the world, sightseeing and procuring unique collections of antiques. They were married for 37 years.

A woman of many talents, Nancy had a passion for hand quilting, basket weaving and rosemaling, among many others. With an unmatched eye for detail, she would infuse a touch of history into each piece she created; her artwork always told a story. She would go on to win many accolades at the Island County Fair, including Best in Show.

An avid holiday decorator, she could often be found atop her step ladder, ensuring each corner of a room was properly outfitted with cheer. She took great pride in creating a beautiful space for her family and friends to gather and make memories. Having never met a pastel color she didn’t like, and upon realizing one Christmas tree wasn’t enough, she would create different color themes in each room of her home for all to enjoy. Her record was 13 Christmas trees in 2014.

Nancy was preceded in death by her husband, Stanley Andrews, and granddaughter, Nichol Zalewski. She is survived by her sister, Patricia Rice (Ronald); children, Sue Zalewski (Richard), Daniel Moss, Patrick Moss and Kevin Moss; grandchildren, Holly, Wendy, Ryan (Kelsey) and Katrena; daughter-in-law, Becky Moss; stepchildren, Sharon Livingston (Bruce) and Michael Andrews (Suzanne); and step grandchildren Andrew, Emily, Michael Jr. and John.

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