Marjorie Monnett

Marjorie L. Monnett of Freeland died June 20, 2002.

She was born Jan. 17, 1947, to Vincent and Flavia Logothetti.

She unconditionally dedicated her life to her children Scott, Ross, Holly, Ginger Sine’, West, Danny, Bruce and Wendy, along with many of her children’s spouses and significant others. She also deeply loved her grandchildren Valerie, Claire, Ben, Luke, Keenan, Haley, Sage, Serena, Bobbi and Bentley. Marjie deeply cherished her father, Vincent Logothetti and late mother, Flavia Logothetti; sisters Sue Thorson and Doris Lombard; and brothers Tom Logothetti and the late David Logothetti.

She found interest in all people; all she met were considered friends, and the sphere of her influence was tremendous and far-reaching.

According to her family, always the thinker and problem-solver, Ms. Monnett devoted much of her time to various committees and boards, offering her unique and insightful perspective. She loved her work, because her work consisted of helping people to realize what they could accomplish on their own. She never judged rashly, and expected the same of others.

At the core of her life was her love and devotion to her eight children. Those who knew her were always reminded of the pride and love she felt for them. Not a day went by that she didn’t receive countless calls from her children, asking her advice and ideas about all aspects of their lives. She lived for them, and in return they devoted themselves to her.

Ms. Monnett was truly a woman full of love and life. She was creative, energetic and intelligent, and very few had the vigor and energy to keep up. She lived her life without regret. Her relationships with her children were as close as any could be, and she was a uniting force in life, and even more so in death. She lived and ultimately died for her children.

A memorial for Marjie and her daughter, Holly, was held June 27, at Visser Funeral Home, 432 Third St., Langley.