Linda McLean: June 24, 1941 – July 9, 2022

Linda McLean, passed away July 9, 2022 surrounded by love in her home.

Born on June 24, 1941, she was adored by parents Floyd and Louise Ferris. Linda was the third of their five children raised in the Los Angeles, California area.

From a very young age, her first loves were music and dance. As a teenager, she was very excited to witness the beginnings of Rock ’n Roll. She shined as she won local dance competitions while attending live entertainment showcasing the great pioneers of the era.

With a zest for life and entertaining friends, Linda also enjoyed photography, escaping into a good book and could easily beat anyone at Trivial Pursuit. Never intimidated to start new projects she considered herself a “Jane-of-All-Trades”. She was passionate about learning and took a variety of classes all the while encouraging others to pursue their dreams.

She was often referred to as a human encyclopedia when it came to recalling dates and details. Unparalleled knowledge of everything from music, history, computers to current world issues. With her sharp mind, she excelled in management at a handful of businesses in California and New Mexico where she spent most of her career as a CPA.

Becoming a mother in 1977, was a role she honored greatly. She was very close with her daughter Nicole and referred to her as her “partner in crime”. They loved traveling by train, car and cruise, searching for Mexican inspired culinary delights and laughing together while watching The Golden Girls reruns. They always found peace and joy within one another.

In 1986, Linda moved to Oak Harbor, Washington on Whidbey Island with husband, Gordon, and daughter. Later she ran for city council and was passionate about education and environmental needs. Taking a stand when needed, Linda never shied away from standing up for women’s rights and had earlier on fought to wear pantsuits as a sign of women’s liberation.

Quick witted with a wicked sense of humor, Linda always had a quip to throw out. She made friends easily and shined brightly when around those she cared for. Beautiful inside and out with an infectious laugh, she had a caring soul, creative eye and protective nature. Even when faced with the ups and downs of life, she remained very brave, witty and positive.

A stroke and macular degeneration after the passing of her husband in 2012, led to Linda spending more time at home with her daughter and granddaughters, Lillian and Charlotte. Linda treasured her granddaughters and shared her love of music and dance with them just as they loved making up songs and dances for “Nana” to enjoy.

Two weeks after her 81st birthday, she took her final breath with her daughter by her side. With her beloved music playing as she passed, she is now pain free and able to dance once again.