Holly Swartz

Holly Swartz, a South Whidbey resident, died June 20, 2002.

She was born Oct. 1, 1971 to Jack and Marjorie Monnett.

According to her family, she was the kind of person who would make your day a little bit better. If you passed her on the street, she was the one to smile and say “hello.” To her, there were no strangers: If there was someone in need, she was the first to offer, even though she was rarely the one in the position to do so.

Ms. Swartz was proud to be a member of her family. When she was with her brothers and sisters, she was excited to show her friends what kind of family she had.

Words cannot describe her selflessness and generosity. Holly Swartz lived to make those around her feel better about themselves. She was always there with a listening ear, a shoulder to lean or cry on, and an offer to help in any way she could.

Holly’s driving passion was her daughter, Sage. A 7-year-old reflection of her mother, Sage was Holly’s life. Holly’s life was not without trial, but when at times it seemed to her that there was nothing left to go on for, Sage would be there to remind her of the innocent and simple joy of living.

Swartz is survived by her daughter, Sage; her father, John Daniel “Jack” Monnett; brothers and sisters Scott, Ross, Ginger Sine’, West, Danny, Bruce and Wendy and their spouses; numerous nieces and nephews; and countless friends.

A memorial for Holly and her mother, Marjie, was held June 27 at Visser Funeral Home, 432 Third St., Langley.

In the tragedy that took the lives of Holly and her mother, Marjie, Sage had her mother and grandmother the two most important people in her life taken from her. The family requests that in lieu of flowers, donations for Sage be sent to Sage Monnett Trust Fund, Washington Mutual Bank, 1561 E. Main St., Freeland, WA 98249.