David ‘the Beast’ Beust: Dec. 3, 1946 – Aug. 5, 2020

David Beust passed away Aug. 5, 2020.



David “the Beast” Beust: Unwavering in his kindness and his peculiar humor, he will remain a steadying source of tender fortitude and sweetness he always was for his family and friends.

David was born in Texas City, Texas in 1946 and survived the “Texas City Explosion” as a baby in 1947. He was raised in Houston by Carmita and Walter Beust, along with his three surviving sisters, Brenda, Judy and Audrey.

As a young man he made a great escape from Texas to Oregon around 1970, drawn toward uncharted adventure and some of “the most beautiful country I have ever seen in America thus far.” Here in the Pacific Northwest, he met his wife, Sara, married in 1979, and began their family. In 1989 they settled on Whidbey Island, Wash., where he cultivated a true cowboy in the Pacific Northwest existence.

Creative and inventive, David was quick to help anyone in need, trade favors or equipment, or collaborate upon a new design at the drop of a (cowboy) hat. He lived as he desired — spending his days playing in the pasture raising miniature cows, playing rock and roll, riding his motorcycle or tractor, getting his pilot’s license, building greenhouses, visiting the Soup Kitchen with friends, fishing, crabbing, sailing, and “making sawdust” in his barn. Here, he eternally searched for particular tools or parts he “just knew he had somewhere,” but, “having and finding are two different things.”

Bemused and reflective, he was a patient disciple of the cycles of nature and entropy. He deeply cared about being a supportive father, and embodied this with patience and encouragement. He cared only that his children followed whatever kept them interested and happy (and as long as we “weren’t sick or in jail,” he was good).

We miss him painfully, profoundly, and live on in gratitude for what an amazing hubby, father, brother, neighbor and friend he was to many. May we all strive to create a life which allows us our space to revel in contentment, as he did.

David passed away Aug. 5, 2020, shortly after complications from a recently found pancreatic mass.

He leaves behind his wife of 41 years, Sara; son, Alex; daughter-in-law, Victoria; and daughter, Annie.

A Celebration of Life gathering will be held at a later date, to be determined.

We would love for anyone to share any happy memories of Dave with our family in the meantime — undoubtedly he helped many we aren’t even aware of.

In recognition and honor of his humor and selflessness, please offer your neighbor a hand when the next opportunity arises, watch an old Western film while you’re at it, and tell your cows you love them.

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