Beatrice Joan Wilson Powell: Oct. 11, 1934 – Feb. 14, 2021

Beatrice Joan Wilson Powell

Beatrice Joan Wilson Powell, born Oct. 11, 1934, passed away in her sleep early Sunday, Feb. 14. She joined her husband David James Powell, who died a few months earlier.

She was born in New Jersey, studied at New Jersey College for Women, later combined with Rutgers, studied for a fine arts degree at Cooper Union in New York City, where she met her husband David. She later graduated from Seton Hall with a degree in history and studied for her PhD in Chinese at Columbia University.

They married on May 11, 1957, and after David joined the Navy, went on to live in Guam, New York and Taiwan before settling on Whidbey Island, Wash. While in school, she studied not only painting but also Mandarin and calligraphy. While she became fluent in Mandarin in Taiwan, she lived a year with a Chinese family in New York City.

She gave birth to the first two of her three children, Caleb and Sarah, in Taiwan, and her youngest daughter, Min, on Whidbey.

She and her husband settled in a house on Penn Cove with a view of Coupeville, Wash., and these views gave her much inspiration. She loved to paint and for years had a gallery in downtown Coupeville called, appropriately, Coupeville Scenes and Chinese Paintings. She also displayed her work at the annual Coupeville Arts and Crafts Festival. She had many artist names, including “Cove Loon.” Her close family and friends will remember her quirkiness, eccentricities, sense of humor and zest for living. Her watercolors, calligraphy, acrylics and oils have given her family joy, and they all have her paintings and artwork displayed in their homes.

After her children left the home, she and David traveled to Europe and took trains across America. They often visited their children and grandchildren, all while painting amazing watercolors and scenes, including Copenhagen, Paris and Hawaii.

Beatrice is predeceased by sisters Marjorie and Marilyn. She is survived by two sisters, Nancy and Susan; brother Jimmy; three children; and seven grandchildren.

She loved flowers, orange juice at McDonald’s and going to Starbucks for Green Tip Tea while sitting in the comfortable chairs for hours with her husband David.

In lieu of flowers, get yourself flowers. She loved them all (except for gladiolus which reminded her of funerals). Go for an OJ at McDonalds, or a drink at Starbucks. Sit in a comfortable chair if you can.

Her children will always cherish her paintings and remember the love she had for her husband, children, grandchildren, Chinese, art and the beauty of Whidbey Island.