Woman accused of assaulting officer

A woman is accused of attacking an Oak Harbor police officer.

A woman who was causing problems at a downtown Oak Harbor restaurant June 16 is accused of attacking a police officer, according to court documents.

Prosecutors charged 36-year-old Nelanna Sadesky in Island County Superior Court June 20 with assault in the third degree, obstructing a law enforcement officer and criminal trespass in the first degree. Court documents indicate that she is known in Oak Harbor but is officially a Kennewick resident.

On June 16, the restaurant owner reported that a woman in the beer garden was “out of her mind and messing with other patrons’ belongings,” according to a report by an Oak Harbor police officer. The staff told her to leave, but she got mad and refused.

An officer also tried to convince her to leave, but Sadesky started talking wildly and moving around rapidly, the report states. The officer wrote that he suspected she was on meth.

Sadesky packed her stuff and left, but then she immediately went back inside. After the officer grabbed her and told her to leave, she held onto the wall and refused to budge. Two officers ended up arresting her as she resisted, the report states.

Sadesky allegedly grabbed one of the officers on the crotch and squeezed, causing pain, the report states.

On June 17, a judge in Island County Superior Court set her bail at $5,000 and ordered that a mental health professional should evaluate her for possible commitment to a mental health treatment facility before she can be released.