Warrant dogs accused thief

There’s a $5,000 warrant out on a 19-year-old Coupeville man accused of stealing frozen corn dogs.

Prosecutors charged Cory Black in Island County Superior Court Jan. 3 with burglary in the second degree. He pleaded not guilty Jan. 14.

Coupeville Deputy Marshal Hodges Gowdey uncovered the corn dog theft when he noticed suspicious activity at the Prairie Center Red Apple Market after 11 p.m., Dec. 29.

The deputy pulled in behind two people standing next to a vehicle parked behind the grocery store. He then saw a third person exiting a freezer, drop something and crouch behind some pallets. He detained the three suspects.

During his investigation, Gowdey noticed several boxes of frozen corns dogs in the back seat of the car, he wrote in a report on the incident. He also saw that the freezer door was open and a couple boxes of frozen food were lying on the ground.

“I asked Black what they were doing and he told me that they went to get some food,” Gowdey wrote.

The deputy marshal arrested Black, as well as the other 19-year-old man, Evan Bailey, and a 16-year-old boy on suspicion of burglary. Gowdey wrote that he found suspected marijuana in Bailey’s pocket.

Prosecutors charged Bailey with burglary in the second degree.

Island County Superior Court Judge Vickie Churchill issued a $5,000 bench warrant Jan. 14 after Black didn’t appear for a court hearing.

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