Two Democrats ahead in Dist. 1 commissioner race, two Republicans in Dist. 2

If the first count of primary ballots holds, voters in Island County will have to choose between two Democrats for one county commissioner position and two Republicans for another in the November general election.

Incumbent candidates in three races impacting Whidbey Island are ahead of their challengers, while a few races are tight when it comes to candidates with the second highest number of votes.

Meanwhile, the property tax levy measure for South Whidbey Fire/EMS looks like it’s headed for success with nearly 65 percent of the votes in favor of it.

The commissioner race in District 1, which covers South and Central Whidbey, had no incumbent and six candidates on the ballot, although Gary Wray dropped out.

Democrat Melanie Bacon has a significant lead with 3,005 votes, or 39.8 percent of the ballots cast in her favor. Nathan Howard, also a Democrat, has 1,459 votes, or 19.3 percent.

Republican Damian Greene is close behind with 1,264 votes, which is 16.7 percent. Curt Gordon, who prefers the Independent Party, has 1,114 votes, or 14.8 percent. Republican candidate Ed Jenkins has 84 votes, or 1.1 percent.

In the race for commissioner in District 2, which covers the greater Oak Harbor area, incumbent Jill Johnson, a Republican, is in the lead with 1,295 votes, which is 35 percent. Dan Evans, also a Republican, has 1,041 votes, or 28.1 percent.

Democrat Fe Mischo has 919 ballots cast in her favor, which is 24.8 percent of the votes. Chris Reed, also a Democrat, has 443 votes, or 12 percent.

The race for state representative Pos. 1 in Legislative District 10 had no incumbent and five candidates. Greg Gilday, the sole Republican in the race, has a commanding lead with 12,684 votes in his favor, which is 44.1 percent. Democrat Angie Homola is in second place with 8,140 votes, or 28.3 percent.

Democrat Suzanne Woodard has 5,064 votes, or 17.6 percent. Democrat Scott McMullen has 2,013 votes, or 7 percent, and Democrat Ivan Lewis has 805 votes, or 2.8 percent.

In the Pos. 2 state representative race, incumbent Dave Paul, a Democrat, has a slight edge over his Republican challenger.

Paul has 14,505 votes, or 49.9 percent. Republican Bill Bruch has 13,533 votes, or 46.5 percent. Progressive candidate Taylor Zimmermann has 1,022 votes, of 3.5 percent.

U.S. Rep. Rick Larsen, a Democrat, has a healthy lead over his seven challengers. He has 63,813 votes, or 51.9 percent.

Timothy Hazelo, a Republican, has 17,230 votes, or 14 percent. Democrat candidate Jason Call isn’t far behind with 15,021, or 12.21 percent. Tim Uy, who prefers the Trump Republican Party, has 12,213 votes, or 9.9 percent.

Republican Cody Hart has 5 percent, Carrie Kennedy has 3.4 parent and James Dean Golder has 2 percent.

The contest for the District 10 state senator only has two candidates, but voters got a chance to support their favorite candidate.

Helen Price Johnson, a Democrat and current Island County county commissioner, is ahead with 15.267 votes, or 51.8 percent.

Ron Muzzall, a Republican who was appointed to the position, has 14,193 votes, or 48.1 percent.

Washington state holds a Top Two primary in which the top two vote getters move on to the general election, regardless of party.