Transient accused of stalking woman

A 41-year-old transient is accused of stalking a woman at the Oak Harbor Wal-Mart, according to court documents.

Brian Kiger pleaded not guilty in Island County Superior Court Feb. 19 to stalking, identity theft in the first degree and violation of a no contact, protection or restraining order.

Judge Alan Hancock set Kiger’s bail at $30,000 on Feb. 1.

According to a report by Oak Harbor Police Officer Tony Slowik, an employee at Wal-Mart reported Jan. 31 that Kiger had come into the store in violation of a domestic violence no contact order.

Slowik checked the store and couldn’t find him. The store’s surveillance video, however, showed Kiger walking into the store and appearing to look for the woman, Slowik wrote.

According to the report, this was the second time in two days that Kiger violated the court order. He had been arrested the day before.

“After being released from jail for violating the court order yesterday, Kiger proceeded directly to (the victim’s) work,” Slowik wrote. “Within 15 minutes of being released Kiger was stalking (her) by showing up, violating the order and putting her in fear of being harmed.”

The woman claimed Kiger had threatened to kill her and she was in fear that he would do so, the report states.

Kiger denied violating the order. He said he didn’t see the woman and only went into the store to use the bathroom.